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Due to the fierce competition in international research, Hebi call Industrial Park signed the first batch of projects in Qibin District

on March 20, Hebi call Industrial Park signed the first batch of projects in Qibin district. The inspection result of Hebi Baiying Urban Construction Investment Co., Ltd. is 94. The new manufacturing owners, equipment manufacturers, automation manufacturers and system integrators will essentially change and sign cooperation agreements with three calling enterprises, Beijing Red mango mingpin International Information Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Liansheng Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan Xiangyang Zhongtian e-commerce Co., Ltd., with a signed area of 4200 square meters, Signing seats (a workplace that can answer or dial) 550 seats

call center is an operation place that takes full advantage of modern communication and computer technology and database marketing, and focuses on building a flexible operation place that can complete various functions by computers, conduct data processing and analysis, print experimental results, and handle a large number of different incoming and outgoing businesses and services. Incoming call center is characterized by answering customers' calls and providing customers with a series of services and support; The outgoing call center is mainly engaged in marketing and sales activities

Qibin district takes 1.2 square kilometers of the core area of the city's business center as the carrier of the new industrial city of the call center, and uses about 400000 square meters of existing buildings and about 300000 square meters of buildings under construction to attract call centers, e-commerce and upstream and downstream industries, with a planned annual seating capacity of 50000, Promote the employment of 150000 people (5000 seats in 2017, more than 20000 seats in 2018, more than 30000 seats in 2019, and more than 50000 seats by 2022). Xi'an Sanyuan Venture Capital Co., Ltd., the national information center call center and e-commerce development research institute and the largest third-party Park operation institution in China, will carry out industrial investment attraction and operation of the project, promote industrial integration, life and environmental integration services, promote industrial and urban integration in Qibin District, and build a call Center industrial demonstration base and regional e-commerce industrial center based in Northern Henan and radiating the country

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