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On May 2, the people's Government of Fugou county and Henan hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. cooperated to build an 180million meter printing and dyeing project. "The signing ceremony was held in Fugou County, Zhoukou City

the director of Henan hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. used big data analysis as a means. Chang Hejian said in the project introduction that the hehe Industrial Park project was invested and built by Henan hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. and a number of supporting enterprises. It covers an area of 1716 mu, with a total investment of 4billion yuan. It mainly builds 180million meters of high-end fabric printing and dyeing, spinning and weaving, garment processing and other related industries, and the construction cycle is three years. The project mainly produces cotton yarn, white cloth, home textile fabrics, clothing fabrics, industrial fabrics, functional fabrics and all kinds of clothing. After the completion of the project, the annual output value is expected to reach 6billion yuan, the tax revenue will reach 350million yuan, and 5000 jobs will be provided

He Jian said that the project has several main characteristics, good molding and processability

first, the project will devote the strength of Henan garment industry. Henan hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. is a joint venture of well-known garment enterprises in Henan Province, such as China Service Investment Holding Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Lingxiu mengshuya Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou YALIDA Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Dusen Clothing Co., Ltd., Zhengzhou Ruoyu Clothing Co., Ltd

second, the project will adopt advanced technology and equipment and brand-new business philosophy, and will build Henan Province's largest and national first-class large-scale textile printing and dyeing clothing and home textile industry group that is not easy to bump into in the transportation process

third, the completion of the project will make up for the shortcomings of printing and dyeing in Henan textile industry, further lengthen the chain of Henan textile industry, and improve the added value of Henan textile. The lag of printing and dyeing is the bottleneck of the development of Henan textile industry

according to the introduction, Henan textile industry chain is "big at both ends and small in the middle", that is, the textile industry at the front end is large, and the pattern of large clothing at the end and revitalization of home textile has gradually formed. There is a lack of large-scale printing and dyeing industry in the middle. 80% of Henan's primary products such as yarn and cloth are often sold to coastal developed areas for dyeing and finishing, deep processing into the ultimate products, and then sold back to the Central Plains, resulting in the embarrassing situation of Henan textile products "North-South parade". Xu Bo, President of Henan Household Textile Industry Association, also expressed concern about this. In recent years, he has been committed to the development of Henan printing and dyeing industry, hoping to find a way to break through the bottleneck. He has been concerned about this project for a long time, and believes that this signing is an opportunity for the development of the industry

Li Guosong, President of Henan garment industry association, is full of confidence in the project. He said that in recent years, driven by the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone, Henan's garment industry has continued to maintain a high-level operation and rapid development. In 2011, garment enterprises above Designated Size in the province produced 650million sets of all kinds of clothing, an increase of 35.2% year-on-year. The total output of clothing rose to the eighth place in the country, and the growth rate of clothing exports exceeded 50% year-on-year. In the first quarter of this year, although affected by weak external demand, sluggish domestic demand, rising factor costs and other factors, the garment industry in our province maintained a sustained growth and development trend

"the successful signing of the 180million meter printing and dyeing project in Fugou hehe Industrial Park is not only a major achievement of the Fugou county Party committee and county government in attracting investment, but also another attack by Henan hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd. after the Yucheng annual output of 30million clothing project." Li Guosong said

Yue Wenhai, deputy secretary of Zhoukou municipal Party committee and acting NCC, attended the signing ceremony with his sophisticated equipment. He believes that the signing of the project is of great significance due to its good timing, mode and direction. It is a new milestone for Zhoukou, and a vivid practice of conscientiously implementing the relevant requirements of the State Council, the Henan provincial Party committee and the provincial government, achieving the two "no sacrifice" and realizing the coordinated and scientific development of the "three modernizations". He hoped that the government departments should strengthen the construction of supporting facilities, relieve the worries of enterprises in the process of development, quickly and effectively help enterprises improve relevant procedures, and actively promote the rapid settlement and smooth production of provincial and municipal key projects

Lu Wei, the head of Fugou County, and He Jian, the chairman of Hehe textile and Clothing Co., Ltd., signed the project cooperation agreement on behalf of our party respectively

representatives of some garment and household textile enterprises in Henan Province and leaders of relevant departments in Zhoukou attended the signing ceremony

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