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SCA invests in corrugated board worldwide

the final negotiation on the acquisition of a comprehensive corrugated board factory in northern Italy is under way. This cardboard factory mainly produces some high value-added products and provides high-level services. Many new companies are being built in its area. In recent years, the annual growth rate of corrugated cardboard consumption in this area is 10%

at present, the annual output of SCA in the Italian market is 700million square meters, ranking the leading position, with a market share of 17%. However, its business is mainly concentrated in the north, and this acquisition will be a supplement to this

the planned factory has an annual production capacity of 50million square meters. However, the actual output is only 50% of this figure. The equipment and technology of the factory are advanced, and the profitability is very good. The current annual sales volume is 80million SEK. The purchase price will be a multiple s-constant of the factory's earnings, which is based on the average operating surplus (EBITDA) of the past four years and does not exceed 6.0

the company also plans to acquire a processing and distribution company in Munich. This company is in the leading position in establishing macro-control and market conditioning mechanism in the region. It has corrugated board processing capacity and operates a wide range of wholesale packaging products. Its business is mainly aimed at small and medium-sized customers and provides them with high-level services. Its profitability is very good, with annual sales of 130million SEK. The purchase price will be a multiple of the factory's income, which is based on the average of the past four years. Immediately exclude all other operating earnings (EBITDA), which is not more than 6.0

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