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Scanning electron microscope technology is increasingly refined, and the market scale is accelerated to expand.

electron microscope is a multifunctional instrument. In recent years, the rapid development of nanoscience has promoted the progress and renewal of materials science, electronics, life science and many other disciplines. Nowadays, electron microscope has become an indispensable and important tool in modern science and technology

electron microscope can be divided into transmission electron microscope, scanning electron microscope, reflection electron microscope and emission electron microscope according to its structure and application. Taking scanning electron microscope as an example, scanning electron microscope is mainly used in many fields, such as textile, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, instrumentation, material analysis, teaching and scientific research

as a powerful scientific visual instrument, scanning electron microscope can help human beings observe things clearly from an incredible perspective. Recently, wired magazine published a batch of wonderful scanning electron micrographs provided by scientists from the American Museum of natural history. Close ups show the beauty and magic of bees, spiders and other animals

the magic and wide application of scanning electron microscope has attracted many instrument manufacturers at home and abroad. From the perspective of the global market, the United States, Japan and Germany can be said to have three pillars in this field. Among them, Hitachi of Japan, Japan Electronics Corporation, Fei of the United States and Zeiss of Germany are the most prominent, while China is heavily dependent on imports in the field of electron microscopy

it is remarkable that the development of imported brands in the Chinese market has, to a certain extent, boosted the growth of China's scanning electron microscope industry. New technologies are being updated day by day, and new achievements are emerging endlessly. Semefi keeps pace with the times, but in the actual testing process, it has launched verios G4 XHR SEM ultra-high resolution scanning electron microscope, which provides manufacturers with the testing ability and flexibility to determine defects, find yield losses, and process and product failures for unqualified products to enter the market. In addition, the metal pendulum impact testing machine produced by semfit is sold at home and abroad. Semfit also acquired phenom world, a desktop scanning electron microscope (SEM), to enhance its leading position in the field of electron microscopy; Oxford Instruments and Zhongke Weili jointly develop high-performance scanning probe microscope products; Tescan launched the fourth generation of scanning electron microscope products - s8000g ultra-high resolution focused ion beam and scanning electron beam dual beam electron microscope system

it is self-evident that relevant technologies are constantly upgrading, the market scale of scanning electron microscope is expanding day by day, and the market dividend is becoming more and more obvious. This also makes more people pay attention to this field. Industry analysts believe that some new manufacturers who want to enter the scanning electron microscope industry need to carefully consider several points: whether they can have the same production and market scale as the existing manufacturers can be installed on one mold; Whether it is ready to invest a lot of time and cost to establish its own brand new image; Whether the funds needed for plant equipment, market sales, product research and development, brand publicity, etc. are problems; Whether the re establishment and improvement of distribution channels are well done

in the new era, China's scientific and technological innovation has continued to develop, and its innovation ability has been significantly improved. The development of microscope and other technologies has also accelerated. The product performance has been continuously improved and the market application has become more and more extensive. For manufacturers in the industry, they need to provide personalized application solutions according to market demand, so as to effectively improve their market share

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