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Scania's new spare parts warehouse is located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Scania's new spare parts warehouse is located in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

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in the early spring of 2016, Scania's new spare parts warehouse was located in Yangshan Free Trade Zone, Shanghai free trade zone. Scania and Jorda, the largest transportation and logistics operator in France, jointly operate the new warehouse. At the same time, thanks to the favorable policies of the free trade zone, Scania China has greatly improved the types and quantities of spare parts reserves and the delivery timeliness

Scania's new spare parts warehouse settled in Shanghai Free Trade Zone

Scania established a wholly-owned company in China in 2007, and the spare parts warehouse began to operate in Shanghai in the same year. After nearly 10 years of operation accumulation, the scale of spare parts warehouse continues to expand. With the increase of customer demand and the improvement of spare parts management efficiency, a more modern warehouse is put on the agenda. Yangshan Free Trade Zone in Shanghai free trade zone is adjacent to Yangshan Free Trade Zone, the first bonded port area in China. The first-class deep-water port facilities, perfect supporting conditions, bonded zone system in line with international practices, and the "first try" preferential investment policy are in line with the development needs of Scania's spare parts business, To this end, Scania and its partner Jorda company moved the warehouse here, with the purchase volume of spare parts more than 10 times that of the Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway

Scania's new spare parts warehouse covers a total area of 1600 square meters, which is divided into pallet warehouse, picking warehouse and ground warehouse. The types of spare parts are as high as 8000+, with a total value of about 35million yuan

according to the distribution and centralized reporting and classified supervision policies provided by Yangdi mountain bonded port area of Shanghai free trade zone for settled enterprises, Scania can store bonded and non bonded parts in the warehouse at the same time, while for the majority of the bonded parts that meet the requirements, the spare parts products urgently needed by customers can be delivered to customers first, and then all products can be declared centrally, greatly improving the delivery cycle of spare parts. On the other hand, the convenient return and tax exemption policies of Yangshan Bonded Port helped Scania increase the stock of non essential parts and high-value parts, such as cab shell and engine

Qiaoda company, which has cooperated with Scania for many years, has a world leading, efficient and reliable logistics network. The logistics center located in Yangshan Free Trade Zone of Shanghai free trade zone also meets Scania's requirements for warehousing. The new spare parts warehouse is jointly operated by both parties to ensure that customers are provided with appropriate parts at the time and place they need. This is a non-stop and efficient team

Scania not only manufactures world-class trucks, buses and engines, but also provides support for these equipment with excellent service to ensure the reliability and high attendance of the equipment, so that customers can obtain excellent return on investment. Efficient parts management is crucial to maximize vehicle attendance

Scania is responsible for the whole life cycle of the vehicle. Each part is designed and manufactured to meet the needs of the whole vehicle. Using original Scania parts will ensure that your overall operating costs are the lowest. If the customer chooses a "similar" part, it may cause high fuel consumption, low performance, and may eventually cause vehicle failure

in addition to the new warehouse in Scania, which has more than 8000 kinds of spare parts, all dealers and maintenance plants have sufficient reserves for all the most commonly used parts to meet the daily needs of customers; On the other hand, Scania China also continues to launch promotional activities for common accessories, hoping to help customers prepare their vehicles at the lowest cost

"customer first" is one of Scania's three core values for a century. It is Scania's service tenet to bring value to customers, ensure the reliability and high attendance of equipment, and enable customers to obtain excellent return on investment. As an indispensable part of Scania's after-sales service solution, the supply and management of spare parts is a solid guarantee for Scania to help customers achieve the maximum economic benefits. Truck attendance is of great significance to customers. How to ensure that customers can get the highest attendance when using Scania is the direction Scania has always tried to explore

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