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Jinhongye paper will establish its southwest headquarters in Chengdu

seven years ago, Asia's largest household paper giant jinhongye paper group settled in Chengdu, with an initial total registered capital of only about 10million yuan. Now it has increased its capital to 220million yuan, 22 times in just seven companies. Xuxitu, CEO of jinhongye Paper Group, recently said that he decided to establish the southwest headquarters in Chengdu, radiating cloud, Guizhou, Sichuan and other regions

located in Longteng industrial city, Chengdu Economic and Technological Development Zone, Chengdu jinhongye Paper Co., Ltd. is a branch of jinhongye Paper Group. Since it settled in Chengdu, it has received meticulous services from the government compared with other operational links in industrial and agricultural production, which has reduced many worries for enterprises, which is also the reason for the continuous capital increase and capacity expansion later

the golden leaf paper industry continues to increase capital and capacity in Chengdu, and the final return is the gratifying performance of doubling growth. According to the data provided by it, the production capacity, sales revenue, net income, actual tax payment and other production and operation indicators of Chengdu Golden Leaf paper industry have increased dozens of times in the past seven years. The annual production capacity increased from 293 tons in 2006 to 19766 tons last year, the sales revenue increased from 3.24 million yuan in 2006 to 203.32 million yuan last year, the net income increased from loss to 7.22 million yuan last year, and the tax paid increased from 8000 yuan at the beginning to measurement and quality inspection; Rubber plastic; Metallurgical steel; Machinery manufacturing (the above parameters are for reference only; electronics and appliances; automobile production; textile chemical fiber; wires and cables; packaging materials and food; instrumentation; medical devices; civil nuclear energy; civil aviation; colleges and universities; scientific research laboratories; commodity inspection and arbitration, technical supervision departments; building materials ceramics; petrochemical industry; other industries up to 4.55 million yuan last year.

such a good development trend further enhances the damage and failure principle and influence of gold materials Influence the development confidence of Hongye paper industry in Chengdu. Talking about the future development strategic planning of enterprises in Chengdu and even Sichuan, Xu Xitu said that Chengdu has a prominent position in the western region. In the next five years, jinhongye paper will set up its southwest headquarters in Chengdu, and will also build two paper making bases in Suining and Ya'an. It is expected that the total annual output will reach 200000 tons, and the annual output value will reach 3 billion, forming a production base and logistics distribution center in the southwest, radiating cloud, Guizhou Sichuan and other regions

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