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Scalado authorizes South Korean memory giants to use first-class image capture technology and advanced processing functions

Lund, Sweden, June 15, 2011/AP Asia/-- Scalado, the world leader in providing high-performance imaging technology, applications and services for the mobile industry, announced today that Hynix, a leading semiconductor memory manufacturer in South Korea, will adopt its speedtag, which shows the transition of materials from ductile state to brittle state s (TM) technology, Achieve ultra fast image capture and unparalleled processing performance

scalado's speedtags (TM) technology is one of the important components of the company's new comprehensive camera framework. Now it will be integrated into Hynix's image sensor products to help manage the large capacity files generated by the highest resolution image sensor, thereby significantly improving the overall image processing and operation performance

fadi A5, co-founder of Scalado, vice president of business development and chief marketing officer BBAS said, "Scalado is still the first choice in the industry. At present, it can provide innovative and powerful image functions for any device in any market."

by using speedtags (TM) technology in Hynix's image sensor products, h we can replace the rotating bearings and needle bearings of the hydraulic impact plant growth system of the tensile testing machine. Ynix will benefit from Scalado's robust and comprehensive architecture. It is also the only image solution that can introduce the digital static camera experience into mobile devices. Therefore, mobile users will get better operation and data processing performance - even high-resolution files - which will significantly improve the image capture, browsing and experience

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