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Scalpers gather to cheat asiacoat free visit permit

scalpers gather to cheat asiacoat free visit permit

reading volume on October 25th, 2006 to avoid bubbles in parts: Source: Xinmin Evening News | contribution

International Paint exhibition was held in Shanghai International Exhibition Center yesterday. This exhibition for professional visitors did not need to buy tickets, but "scalpers" stayed outside the exhibition hall and lied that the exhibition was not free, Take this opportunity to sell visitors' permits at high prices to unsuspecting audiences

at noon yesterday, when Mr. Yu passed Loushanguan Road, where Shanghai International Exhibition Center is located, he saw a dozen middle-aged "scalpers" holding a stack of visiting cards shouting to the passing audience, "tickets are cheap! The original price is 50 yuan, but now they are only 30 yuan!" Some spectators ignored and went straight to the reception desk at the door of the host unit, took out their business cards, directly registered and received the visit permit without the interdependence fee. Fiveorsix young people who looked like foreign audiences listened to the "scalpers" and bought the so-called "sell cheaply" Visit Permit

then contact the International Exhibition Center. The staff said that the exhibition was indeed free of charge for professional visitors. This kind of oil tanker from the United States wished the Jung Summit Forum to be better and better, and the amount of tire materials was less than 5%. A security guard also confirmed that during the exhibition held in the museum, there were always some "scalpers" gathered at the door, some of whom were old-fashioned. They often stopped the audience on the roads around the exhibition hall and near the bus stops to sell tickets, and deceived the audience with free visit cards and fake tickets

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