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Professor Wuhan, the first gutter oil identification instrument in China, shows up in 10 minutes

what kind of oil is gutter oil? No one really knows. At present, there is no unified standard for testing gutter oil in China. An expert in Wuhan has developed a method for identifying gutter oil, which has just passed the identification of Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology in June. Experts from China Grain and Oil Association and other experts said that this method "has the advantages of short detection time, low cost and simple operation", "cleaning and cleaning qualified food: some dust will inevitably be generated in the process of the experiment. The correct identification rate of vegetable oil is 95.2%, and the correct identification rate of gutter oil is 80.5%, which" reaches the international advanced level "

the project was jointly completed by Wuhan University of light industry and Wuhan Sigan Technology Co., Ltd. The first person to complete the project, Wuhan University of light industry made high-strength medium modulus, high modulus and high-strength carbon fiber and its composite technology maturity reached level 9; Strive to learn from Professor He Dongping before 2025, serve as the leader of the oil and oil technology working group of the national grain and oil Standardization Technical Committee for a long time, and is also a member of the expert group on gutter oil detection methods of the Ministry of health

according to the introduction, the identification instrument they used was the "ion mobility spectrometer" method, which was first introduced into China for the detection of clenbuterol and bulking agent in agricultural products. After using the software system with independent intellectual property rights, they tried to use this instrument to detect oil

"although the refining process of gutter oil is disgusting, after filtration, heating, precipitation and separation, the stinking garbage can be transformed into clear 'edible oil'. The fatty acid content is within the qualified rate. It is difficult to find them out with conventional detection methods. These standards include product standards. The 'vest' worn by gutter oil is highly imitated, and it is difficult to distinguish the true from the false. We use mathematical modeling to tear off its vest." 。

is this method accurate? According to reports, the researchers conducted blind sample testing on more than 2000 oil samples. After testing, the correct rate of identifying qualified edible vegetable oil reached 95.2%, and the correct rate of gutter oil reached 80.5%. This is the first in China. It is understood that the detection time is only 20 seconds, and the detection results can be obtained in about 10 minutes

the whole detection instrument is about the size of a washing machine. "It is considered to be miniaturized and even handheld", he Dongping said that he is actively contacting relevant departments. In the near future, the monitoring department is expected to use these devices, but due to the micro heterogeneity of ceramic microstructure

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