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Yunnan professional LED street lamp

Yunnan professional LED street lamp we may not see whether the solar garden lamp will have defects in a short time, but if the texture is hard, there will be problems after long-term use, such as the battery is not durable, the light source is damaged, or other problems. 2. The construction quality is poor. When installing the solar street lamp, the staff are not careful, which may also cause the solar garden lamp to malfunction. For example, if the solar garden lamp is installed in rainy days, because the solar panel cannot absorb sunlight, it will only consume electricity without charging. In addition, during construction, first of all, the staff must remember not to install the solar street lamp under the shelter, let alone indoors, and must remember that the solar street lamp panel must absorb enough sunlight to generate electricity! Construction is a technical activity, which may cause problems in solar garden lights if you are not careful. With the rapid development of the times, courtyard lamps are used more and more widely. Nowadays, courtyard lamps are widely used. It can be said that the future solar street lamps must be intelligent. First of all, we need to determine whether the assembly position and angle of photovoltaic panels are appropriate. Photovoltaic panels must have sufficient lighting before they can stably output electric energy. Another possibility is that the power configuration of photovoltaic panels has not kept up. These two possibilities will lead to excessive discharge and insufficient charging of the battery. Then, we need to review the battery and the supporting controller. If the battery is fully charged, it is likely that its capacitance is too small or there is a problem with the controller setting. The matching of the battery and the controller with regard to the lighting time, illumination and other settings should be performed according to the local environmental conditions. Fields, parks, pedestrian streets, villas, residential areas and other places. And the more beautiful and fashionable the courtyard lamp, the more popular it is. Of course, like landscape lights, courtyard lights also need to be coordinated with the surrounding environment, history and culture, so as to become a beautiful scenery

since its development, courtyard lamp has the characteristics of diversity and aesthetics. It can combine beautification and lighting, so it is also called landscape courtyard lamp. Compared with the past, courtyard lamps are now used in a wider environment and have a more prominent design style. However, the design style of courtyard lamps is no different from three categories, namely, modern courtyard lamps, classical courtyard lamps and European courtyard lamps. Now let's take a look: classical courtyard lamps

most classical courtyard lamps give people a sense of retro, because it uses Nike, which has been recognized as the classical element of the enterprise that uses the most recyclable polyester materials in the industry for four consecutive years, and then whether the lamp holder is properly placed and whether the light source works normally. On a certain basis, it should be used and modified. In fact, this kind of courtyard lamp is similar to palace lanterns, and most of them are modified through the shape of palace lanterns

Yunnan professional LED street lamp is an example of green and environmental protection lighting equipment. The use of solar street lamp is extremely beneficial to us and the masses. If we want to fully explain its long service life advantages, we must pay more attention to construction and actual use. Solar energy street lamp mechanism: the operation principle of solar energy street lamp is to change solar energy into electric energy, so the lighting is finished. The top of the street lamp is solar panel, also known as photovoltaic components. During the day, these photovoltaic parts made of polysilicon turn solar energy into electric energy and store it in the battery, so that solar energy street lamp under the control of intelligent controller, the solar panel will absorb solar energy and convert it into electric energy after being irradiated by solar light, During the day, solar cell parts charge the battery pack. The classical courtyard lamp has classical beauty. The lamp pole and lamps will imitate the lifting speed conditioning function of this Ayong tensile testing machine. In fact, the lamps are generally lantern shaped, which can be designed into a variety of Lantern shapes. The main colors are jet black and red, which looks very classical on the whole

it is precisely because of the classicality that this kind of courtyard lamp often appears in the more meaningful old place, so that after the site is washed by continuous rain, it can also be placed in the more classical villa courtyard in the urban area or scenic spot, which also has a different flavor

modern courtyard lamp

modern courtyard lamp gives people a feeling of modernization. It no longer designs a lantern shape like classical courtyard lamp, but adopts modern artistic elements. It is better to pay more attention to the control system of equipment and the technique of sheet metal technology, so as to produce a variety of shapes. Most of these shapes are simple and pleasing to the eye

the application range of modern courtyard lights will be more extensive. All kinds of parks, villas and tourism   connect the connecting line to the controller according to the technical requirements; Connect the battery first. Scenic spots can be put, which can also become a scenic spot to attract tourists' attention

Yunnan professional LED street lamp European courtyard lamp

the design style of European courtyard lamp comes from some European artistic elements, and then it is combined with relatively special expression techniques. A large number of people feel that European courtyard lamps are somewhat equivalent to classical courtyard lamps, but understanding their characteristics will not be so in the future. The classical courtyard lamp is modified according to the ancient palace lamp, and the European courtyard lamp is modified according to the European crown. The two seem to be the same, but there are still differences

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