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Wholesale of professional street lamp factory in Liaoning

wholesale of professional street lamp factory in Liaoning | call to consult koqposp5. Relevant contents of normal commissioning system: release the control cable, connect the cable to the solar panel, and carefully observe the change of indicators at the same time. Before closing the control box, complete the test to avoid other faults. What standards should be made for installing solar street lamps in the verification process of cyclic torque

wholesale of Liaoning street lamp factory | call to inquire about the precautions for purchasing and installing courtyard lamps. Nowadays, the market has an increasing demand for courtyard lamps. We can see the shadow of courtyard lamps in both residential areas and villas. So from these aspects, we can know that it is a very good thing to use solar street lamps in the current market, which will be of great help to everyone. Some people will choose European courtyard lamps, some will choose classical courtyard lamps, and some will choose solar courtyard lamps, accounting for 11.5% of the total main revenue of Industrial Enterprises above the national level. There are really various needs. Some people choose according to their mood, others choose according to their environment. Do you know what to pay attention to in the purchase and installation of courtyard lights? 1. In the choice of lamp style, try to choose courtyard lamps that match the courtyard style

on the one hand, if we want more people to pay attention to LED street lamps 2. Manufacturers of inspection instruments and equipment, we must have hands-on technology and really good product quality. No matter which era, product quality is the foundation of our foothold. It is particularly important for all of us to further improve product quality through the improvement of technology. Finding more suitable ways and means to improve from a fundamental point of view will also be beneficial to the future

Liaoning professional street lamp factory wholesale | call to inquire about the lifting system of the lifting high pole lamp, which drives the lifting of the lamp disc through the motor, (electromagnetic braking) worm gear reducer, safety coupling, main steel wire rope, auxiliary steel wire rope, rope splitter, movable pulley block and other components. The conductor of the circuit in the system widely adopts copper base silver plating to ensure good contact of electrical connection. The electrical control system is equipped with various circuit overload protection devices. The electrical control system is installed inside the lamp pole, which can avoid the failure of lifting movement caused by harsh outdoor environment. In the rectangular inner cavity at the bottom of the lifting high pole lamp, in addition to the electrical control system, there are also lifting systems such as motors

therefore, almost all large-area lighting fixtures used outdoors can be regarded as projection lamps. The angle of the outgoing beam of the projection lamp is wide and narrow, with a range of 0 ° ~ 180 °. Among them, the beam with a particularly narrow beam is called a searchlight. Wholesale of wall washing lamp Liaoning street lamp factory | call for consultation, which is also called large crack linear LED floodlight, etc. because its shape is long strip, it is also called LED line lamp. Its technical parameters are roughly similar to LED floodlight. Compared with the circular structure of LED floodlight, the strip structure heat dissipation device of LED wall washing lamp is a little easier to deal with

so let's know about the wholesale of Liaoning professional street lamp factory | call for consultation. Under the condition of ensuring the lighting performance, it is necessary to appropriately increase the spacing of solar street lamps to save the number of lamps, and appropriately increase the height of solar street lamps to improve the lighting effect; Try to arrange poles in the middle of the road to save engineering costs. Relevant content is very necessary

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