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Professional Prepress digital proofing service haoyinxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

[China Packaging News] professional Prepress digital proofing service haoyinxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 2003, Xiamen haoyinxiang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese digital color printing high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D and application of multi-media digital printing and color management technology

in line with the enterprise concept of innovation, professionalism and intention, Xiamen haoyin includes sending GH technicians to accompany the solar racing team, like working closely with domestic universities, scientific research institutions and large enterprises, creating the first printing ink, introducing the core technology of the printing platform, and establishing the industry benchmark of multi-media fidelity printing and digital printing. It has been successfully used in Dongguan Hucai printing group, Ningbo Guangbo group, Jinjiang aipai group, Shenzhen baixinglong company, Shanghai Fuchong paper, Guangzhou dongzhida plate making, Hong Kong Yaofeng anti-counterfeiting packaging, Xiamen dunhai Art (Jiamei group), Maidian packaging company, Wenzhou Nanyang packaging company, Wuxi culture, education and printing company and many other well-known enterprises in the industry

solve industry problems and establish industry standards. The progressive haoyin image is moving towards the goal of being the leader of China's digital color printing high-tech enterprises.

benchmark products not only have good oxidation resistance. 1:

CTF inkjet film system features:

the soaring price of traditional film remains high, making the prepress plate making cost higher and higher; Good image ICTF inkjet film output system; Adopt the principle of high-precision inkjet physical imaging; Loaded with nano extra black ink, it has high purity, good blackness and strong coverage. The film with special coating treatment has good blackness, adhesion and expressiveness. It is saturated on the ground and sharp, which is completely comparable to the output effect of traditional film. Far lower than the cost of laser phototypesetting machine version, environmental protection and pollution-free. And there is no need for Phototypesetter, development, washing and other cumbersome processes. It can be operated in the open room and output on demand, which is no longer limited by the format of traditional film and reduces the waste rate of film. Minimize the cost of daily consumables

professional film RIP software with powerful functions is attached; Set color separation, hanging, patchwork, output and other functions; It can drive the printer to accurately control the ink volume, the size of ink droplets, the angle of points, etc. Intelligent ink drop control technology enables the output of film; No matter the field or the point shape, it can be presented perfectly. It can be widely used in offset printing, silk screen printing, flexo printing, concave convex printing and other fields below 150 lines. Such as film plate making in the fields of self-adhesive, silk printing, local glazing, textile printing, bronzing and silver stamping, monochrome printing, etc

fully meet the needs of plate making below 150 lines. Solution: ensure the processing quality of the hydraulic components of the universal experimental machine. The output film completely meets the requirements of the same version.

film system composition features:

ink for ink-jet film printing

ink for ink-jet film printing

Introduction to top RIP software for good printing

benchmark products 2:

professional packaging and proofing solutions:

grandly launched the latest model, This model realizes the output of white ink and the integration of proofing/cutting, which breaks through the limitations of output equipment at one stroke, solves the problem of white ink output that has been plagued by the industry, and innovatively combines proofing/cutting into one, which can complete full-automatic cutting after proofing. This makes the output of transparent materials and gold and silver cards achieve unprecedented wonderful results, so that the design idea is no longer limited to the limitations of equipment, so that the production process has reached the ultimate simplification, the efficiency has been greatly improved, the production cost has been rapidly reduced, and the rapid order receiving mode has been established immediately. The system has a wide range of adaptability, and can adapt to a variety of refrigerants. After that, the refrigerant is isothermal exchanged with the 4-week medium through the condenser to transfer the heat to the 4-week medium, and has good performance. After the introduction of the equipment, it can be used for prepress digital proofing, rapid production of packaging boxes, body stickers, window patterns, banners, art posters, clothing heat transfer, labels and stickers

the first large format proofing machine using white pigment ink in China is mainly used for proofing all kinds of soft packaging, gold and silver cards and special media. This high-precision proofing machine provides the best choice for professionals who want to find an economical alternative. The proofing system has excellent ease of use and low maintenance cost. You can print directly on the film to simplify the proofing process without expensive equipment or professional skills

benchmark product 3:

good image heating free digital proofing ink:

1. Functional innovation, no modification, plug and play, multi-media output

2. Accurate color, easy to pass the ISO coated V2 international printing standard

3. Break through the limitations, spot color simulation coverage up to 90%

4. Fast drying ink, support two-way high-precision output

5. Easy to use, professional color matching curve free download

6 It has a wide range of uses. It can be used for prepress proofing, graphic output and film production.

7. Water based pigment ink is bright in color, waterproof and sun resistant, and does not fade.

8. It has good fluidity, nano grinding, and does not block the nozzle.

100% of this ink is made of German imported raw materials, green environmental protection, wide color gamut, waterproof and sunscreen, good fluidity and constancy, and has the best drying time, Through multi-layer filtration instead of the current common three-stage filtration technology, and using unique chemical methods to improve the solubility of the product itself, the size of ink solid particles is successfully controlled below 0.1 M, and its fineness is close to zero. This means that the color base has basically reached the state of complete dissolution in the product, which can more effectively avoid the phenomenon of plugging in the use of the printer, and realize the expansion of the performance of the original machine. It not only has excellent color performance on coated paper, but also directly outputs standard colors without heating on various uncoated papers such as coated paper, white cardboard, self-adhesive, double offset paper, etc. It is the basis to ensure that standard colors can be output in industries such as prepress proofing, graphic quick printing and image output, and it is also a necessary condition to realize the output of high-quality special paper

benchmark product 4:

customization of prepress color management:

put aside the cumbersome color conversion process and stay away from the harsh color management theory. With a little computer operation, you can achieve accurate expert color output, directly break through technical barriers and reduce labor costs

gravure prepress color management solution

packaging printing prepress color management solution

offset prepress color management solution

flexo prepress color management solution

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