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next, please see the specific introduction for Zhejiang Province professional LED street lamp wholesale | quality win. Just like the prosperity of mammals after the fall of dinosaurs, new energy assets will be a future trend. A series of new energy assets such as solar street lamps are facing opportunities. Why do we need to configure batteries for power generation with solar panels? This is because the photovoltaic power generation system is not as constant as we associate. In order to prevent the burden loss caused by the unfixed input energy, the configuration of battery is sufficient and necessary. Common solar street lamp batteries include sealed lead-acid batteries, ordinary lead-acid batteries, colloidal batteries, lithium iron batteries, alkaline nickel cadmium batteries, etc. the voltage is generally 12V or 24V. The deployment and application of lithium batteries also provide a lot of possibilities for reducing the configuration space of components

then use C20 concrete to pour stably. Otherwise, stop vibrating the vibrator during the pouring process to ensure the overall compactness and firmness. This process depends on the complete street lamp situation. What we usually need to think about is the load of the whole street lamp after it is erected and the local wind resistance. Of course, now there are also integrated solar street lamps, with relatively loose installation conditions. Finally, after the installation, remember to clean the residual sludge on the positioning plate and clean the impurities on the bolts with waste oil. In practice, concrete solidification requires a constant process, which requires regular watering and curing; The chandelier device can be implemented only after the concrete is completely solidified. Generally speaking, the setting time is generally more than 72 hours

in recent years, solar street lamps have really attracted more and more attention from urban lighting projects. Its LED street lamp wholesale in Zhejiang Province | quality wins over energy conservation and environmental protection, has no effect on the environment, and is easy to install, which can also save us manpower and material resources to a certain extent. However, the maintenance of solar street lamps must be paid more attention, so that its life will be longer! When purchasing solar street lamps, you must choose a regular solar street lamp manufacturer. With the components of the city pressure testing machine and how to reduce the error of the pressure testing machine, the city is setting up more and more rapidly, and outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns are becoming more and more popular. We are familiar with outdoor lights, such as lawn lights, courtyard lights, landscape lights, solar street lights, etc

Zhejiang Province's professional LED street lamp wholesale | quality wins. As for the solar garden lamp device, the installation methods selected by different the first mock examination street lamps are also different. For example, the small courtyard lamp used in lawn lighting only needs to be inserted into the soil or prefabricated block hole during the placement process, and then the excellent lighting can be completed when the power is turned on. In order to ensure the fixity of street lamps during the placement of a few courtyard lamps with lamp poles, a foundation matching the lamp poles needs to be made as a base before the implementation of placement construction, and then the placement of various parts of courtyard lamps can complete excellent landscape lighting. In the solar courtyard, attention should also be paid to dust prevention and protection. During the placement of grounding lamps, the placement methods selected by different types of courtyard lamps are also different. Only selecting the appropriate device method according to the actual situation can guarantee the long-term and stable high-quality lighting

another advantage of solar street lamp is that it holds a high essential performance of safe use, and there will be no unexpected accidents such as electric shock and fire, which makes people's life more happy and safe. Therefore, Zhejiang LED street lamp wholesale | quality wins, and manufacturers see the real market prospect and strengthen scientific research. However, the service life of solar street lamps is also extremely long. The street lamp manufacturer explained that because it adopts a high-tech control system, it also shows the specific performance of intellectualization in design. It has the characteristics of real and durable production and quality, so it can give users a very high benefit performance

• LED lamp/energy-saving lamp: 19.50cd/w/3.59cd/w=5.4 times • that is, LED lamp is 5/27 of the power consumption of energy-saving lamp, that is, the energy-saving rate reaches 82% Summary: • under the condition of consistent brightness: LED lamps save more than 90% energy than incandescent lamps. Compared with energy-saving lamps, the energy-saving efficiency can reach about 80%. Summary: under the condition of similar brightness, LED lamps save more than 90% energy than incandescent lamps. Compared with the energy-saving lamp, the energy-saving efficiency can reach 80% with the presence of service personnel on the left and right. 3、 Curve distribution of different luminous angles of the same model of LED energy-saving lamp 3.1. Different usage of luminous angles: the luminous angle of LED chip is 15 degrees: the actual luminous angle of the finished lamp is about 30 degrees, etc. generally, it is a spotlight It is often used for key lighting

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