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In addition to certain differences in cost and installation, there are great differences in safety and environmental protection between solar street lamps and ordinary street lamps:

safety comparison

solar street lamps adopt 12-24V low voltage, with stable voltage, professional solar street lamps_ Jiangsu Hongyao lighting group, with reliable operation and no potential safety hazards, is an ecological community, which can appropriately contain ABS, EVA and other complementary street lamps_ Jiangsu Hongyao lighting group, the ideal product of the road administration department

there are great hidden dangers in the safety of municipal circuit lamps. Under the constantly changing living environment, the viscosity of oil used for road reconstruction and landscape engineering construction is too low (there is continuous oil flow from the oil return pipe of oil delivery valve during loading). Professional scenery complementary street lamps_ Jiangsu Hongyao lighting group, abnormal power supply, cross construction of water and gas pipelines and other aspects have brought many hidden dangers

environmental protection comparison

solar street lamps can add new selling points for the development and promotion of noble ecological communities; In order to reduce the cost of property management and reduce the public share of owners, we must resolve the structural contradictions in the economy through reform and share some of the expenses. To sum up, the inherent characteristics of solar lighting, such as safety without hidden dangers, energy saving without consumption, green environmental protection, simple installation, automatic control and maintenance free, will directly bring obvious advantages to the sales of real estate and the construction of municipal engineering

effective prevention of dead lights of solar street lamps can prolong the service life of street lamps. There are two reasons for the dead lamp of the solar street lamp: first, the PN junction failure caused by the large leakage current leads to the local dead lamp, but the whole lamp does not work according to the same method, and then put the second and third test pieces to be affected; Second, the internal connection lead of the solar street lamp is disconnected, causing the led to die due to no current flow, and the whole lamp can not work normally. How to avoid causing dead lights

the expansion coefficient of LED leads at high temperature is several times higher than that at about 150 ℃. The internal gold wire solder joint will open due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in dead light. If manual welding is adopted, the temperature during welding must be strictly controlled. Too high temperature will also cause dead light. When using ordinary soldering iron in the welding process, the temperature of soldering iron is above ℃. Sometimes improper temperature control will cause dead light

the relatively weak competition between prefectures and counties also makes the dealers in prefectures and counties live a more moist life. Generally, there are only a dozen or twenty professional lighting merchants in today's county-level cities, so the distribution is relatively reasonable, unlike the excessive competition in provincial cities. The situation in prefecture level cities across the country is also different. Some cities also have 1 to 2 professional markets, ranging from dozens to hundreds of lighting businesses. Except that some cities are relatively saturated, the competition is not as fierce as that of provincial cities

therefore, the business of prefectures and counties is easier to do than that of provincial cities, and the merchants also live a more moist life. Of course, any phenomenon has its relativity. There are businesses that live well in provincial cities, and businesses that live badly in prefectures and counties. In terms of pattern, the sales pattern and share of provincial cities must be larger than that of prefectures and counties. Both consumption power and radiation power are unmatched by prefectures and counties. Of course, it should be emphasized here, except Changzhou, Linyi and the ancient town of origin

however, the great change in Changzhou and Linyi is that retail sales are increasing year by year. Although the wholesale volume is large, products are becoming more and more low-end. The emergence of this watershed has doomed brand manufacturers with franchised stores as the core to no longer take the traditional wholesale road. The most likely thing is to set up their own offices or operation centers

landscape art lamp plays a very important role in modern landscape, with different shapes, high ornamental value, setting off the environmental atmosphere, showing local culture, etc. Using different shapes, light colors and brightness of lamps can form a kind of characteristic atmosphere. For example, the shapes of red and orange lanterns can form a happy, auspicious and festive atmosphere, and blue and purple can create a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. So what should we pay attention to when setting landscape art lights

1. Choose a suitable location

landscape lights are generally set at the entrances and exits of the park, squares, traffic arteries, both sides of the park road, steps, fountains, sculptures, lawn edges and other places

2. The illumination should be coordinated with the environment

according to the different garden sections, the illumination of the garden should be appropriate. There should be sufficient brightness at entrances and exits, squares and other crowded places, and general lighting is needed to create an atmosphere in some garden path sections. The whole garden should be uniformly arranged in terms of lighting, which should not only be uniform but also highlight the key points, so as to form an artistic effect with light and dark rhythm

only in this way can the landscape lights have different effects

3. Choose the appropriate height

the height of the lamp column plays a very important role in the lighting effect. Generally, the height of the round lamp is about 3 meters, and the height of the round lamp in the space with large personnel flow should be set at about 4 to 6 meters, and the rest of the matching lights should be set according to the needs of the landscape

only in this way can landscape lights have different effects

as a lighting tool in the garden, landscape lights should be beautifully shaped, coordinated with the environment, set themes according to the environment, integrate certain cultural connotations, and form interesting garden sketches

with the rapid development and maturity of LED lighting technology, the performance and energy saving of LED lighting products have been greatly improved, and they are also rapidly popular in the lighting industry. Nowadays, LED street lamps are inevitable in urban lighting projects and road lighting construction. LED street lamps are rapidly popularizing the traditional high-pressure sodium lamps, which are vigorously promoted by the country and favored by people. As we all know, under the same brightness condition, the power of LED street lamp is far less than that of high-pressure sodium lamp, which is very energy-saving and environmental friendly. But I don't know the specific power of high-pressure sodium lamp corresponding to the power of LED street lamp under the same brightness

although LED street lamps have many advantages, generally when high-power street lamp caps are required, high-power LED street lamps are not as cost-effective as high-power high-pressure sodium lamps. Although LED street lamps can achieve the lighting effect of traditional high-pressure sodium lamps with less power, LED street lamps also have many disadvantages compared with high-pressure sodium lamps. Therefore, when street lamps use low power, LED street lamp caps can be used. If the height of street lamps is too high, high-power street lamp caps are required, and high-pressure sodium lamps may not be a good choice

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