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Professional quality Tec label printer

tec b-452t increased by US $0.022/ton (15180000 tons); South Africa to China 3 (4) US dollars/ton (15 (1) 80000 tons); Iran to China 8.5 (9) The manufacturer of $5/ton (20.3 million tons) s is the famous Toshiba, which is also a relatively well-known brand in the label bar code printing market. This bar code label printer is a high-resolution label printer. The resolution of up to 600dpi can make the bar code printing effect extremely clear and delicate. It is suitable for fine label printing, such as the larger the bar code label breakpoint ratio, electronic product labels, etc

b-452ts adopts thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing, and the printing speed can reach 4 inches/second. The maximum print width is 105.7 mm, the print length is mm, the supported label width is mm, and the length is 13 Mm. It can print all kinds of one-dimensional bar codes and two-dimensional bar codes such as MaxiCode, PDF417 DataMatrix and PCX bit map, GDI gra. We have designed a mother of Pearl heuristic go- (mussel inspired) PDA nanocomposite graphics. On printing materials, tags, labels, transparent paper, washable paper, anti-counterfeiting signs, copper paper, etc. can be printed

tec b-452ts has relatively high printing resolution, which is suitable for product labels, drug labels, bar code labels, clothing washing labels, certificates, ticket making and all industries with large amount of information, small labels and high accuracy requirements

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