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Professional drones show the strength of "flying birds". Guo Haixin and peihaozheng incarnate as "hunting hunters"

in the last program, although five Xueba have completed the serial tasks of kites and aircraft models, from which they learned about the yearning and pursuit of aviation in ancient China, and learned the knowledge points necessary for modern aviation autonomous flight, they still haven't completed the task of exploring "flying birds". In order to find the answer, they came all the way to the national (Beichuan) aviation flight base in Beichuan County, Sichuan Province, and finally saw the true face of "flying birds"

the ultimate task of "flying bird" is opened. Assemble the UAV and then fight for speed.

kites can fly to the sky by virtue of the wind, but they are always bound by the line; The kites transformed into aircraft models finally broke away from the shackles of the line and flew into the sky independently with engines and propellers, but they are still not the ultimate form of "flying birds". When arriving at the final destination of the mission - the national (Beichuan) aviation flight base, Li huizhao, with sharp eyes, found the UAV hovering in the air

"this should be the flying bird." Smart as several Xueba gmis= (g)........................ formula (13 ⑴). Seeing the UAV navigating for them in the air, you instantly understand what the "flying bird" they are looking for, which can also be combined with carbon fiber to ensure the lightweight and durability of the car. However, these UAVs designed and manufactured by Chengdu Zongheng Automation Technology Co., Ltd. are larger than what Xueba people know, and more like a real aircraft. The first task they have to face is to use all the knowledge they have learned before to assemble a real UAV

for ordinary civilian UAVs, it only takes a few simple steps to assemble, but in the face of such large industrial professional UAVs, it is not so easy to assemble, not only there are many parts, but also the assembly steps should be considered, which can be described as a step-by-step mistake. In the process of assembly, Chen Ligeng, who had taken the lead many times in previous similar challenges, was worried about many parts for the first time, and Li huizhao showed his bold and meticulous advantage at this moment, The assembly process was extremely smooth... Several professionals who observed the assembly process of Xueba also couldn't help saying, "when assembling these UAVs, we must be careful, and there is no time to work hard to achieve miracles."

the assembled UAV needs power to fly into the sky. The staff hid the batteries of the UAV and let the school bullies find them by themselves. But the school bullies didn't expect that the process of finding the batteries was just an appetizer. What was really waiting for them was a "hunting" game played by the UAV

the eye of the sky assists in hunting, and Xueba staged a "cat and mouse game" pursuit war

in order to enable Xueba people to fully experience what high-energy black technology modern industrialized UAVs can have, Xueba people are divided into two groups. Chen Ligeng and Li huizhao will hide in the jungle around the base, while Zhou Yuting, peihaozheng and Guo Haixin cooperate with each other to use the camera visiting function of UAVs, Find two "prey"

when they saw the drone that they personally assembled flying into the sky, the Xueba people were still very excited. But soon, Chen Ligeng and Li huizhao became a little "sad", flying and patrolling in the air with the eyes of the sky. It was not an easy thing to avoid each other's exploration

both Li huizhao and Chen Ligeng chose the "chameleon hiding technique" to hide in the terrain with a similar color to their clothes. Lihuizhao chose a pile of withered grass, lay directly under the grass, and covered it with the instrument of withered grass detection sponge, so as to avoid detection by minimizing actions; Chen Ligeng chose a higher bush, squatted in it, put on a hood to assimilate himself with the Bush, and at any time reverse the movement around him

it has to be said that the concealment of the two people is still perfect. The UAV controlled by Zhou Yuting has flown in the air for many times, but they have not been able to find their traces. However, when Zhou Yuting turned on the infrared function of the UAV, the two quickly became targets on the map. Li huizhao was first found by Guo Haixin, and then Zhou Yuting also found the location of Chen Ligeng. Yao often encountered some other problems in scientific research experiments, which were more difficult to solve. Command peihaozheng to "arrest". Surprisingly, Chen Ligeng, who had been observing the movements of the "pursuer", immediately chose to change his position, and unexpectedly succeeded in making peihaozheng miss the last time of the chase and escape successfully

after experiencing the crystallization kites of the ancient people's aviation wisdom and the advanced UAVs of modern aviation, according to the latest clues in the blood challenge book, the Xueba people will return to land. What kind of magical journey is waiting for them here. What ancient wisdom has Chengdu, the ancient capital of Shu, gathered? Next Sunday (March 1) 21:00, Anhui Satellite TV "the power of youth" will take you to the final chapter

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