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Professional publishing houses have become the best breakthrough in the development of digital publishing

the impact of digital publishing on traditional book publishing has become an indisputable fact in today's China. In mid-2010, the first publishing industry survey report "2009 publishing industry analysis report" issued by the General Administration of publishing showed that in 2009, the national publishing industry achieved a total output of 1066.89 billion yuan, of which the overall income of generalized digital publishing reached 79.94 billion yuan. It is expected that in 2010, The development of digital publishing industry will still maintain a rapid growth trend, and the overall revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan, which is cheered by the industry

digital publishing has naturally become the strategic focus of the whole publishing industry. The scientific and technological progress of the upstream industry in the digital transformation has a direct impact on the technical trend of medical devices, which has become the most urgent proposition of the times for many publishing institutions. When the surging tide of digital publishing hit, various publishing houses as content providers have begun to wake up. Many publishing institutions have gradually got rid of their early confusion and wait-and-see, and began to look for and explore new models and breakthroughs of digital publishing

at present, with the development of digital publishing industry, some large publishing houses, especially professional publishing houses, have gradually clarified the context of digital publishing. Combined with their rich professional content resources, the initial exploration of digital publishing has also achieved success, which has become a new breakthrough in the whole Chinese publishing industry in 2010

Science Press: create a digital publishing star product

recently, the Science Library of Science Press was officially launched. The Science Library fully adopts founder Abby's technology and platform. It is an Internet-based retrieval, reading, downloading and borrowing service product carefully created by Science Press for institutional users such as university libraries and scientific research institutes

the science library collects a large number of high-quality content resources, including characteristic theme resource packages, which can provide accurate characteristic theme products according to the professional needs of professional users. At present, it provides 17 themes, and can also provide resource customization services according to user needs; And basic science, practical, otherwise it is easy to cause machine failure and affect the use of five sub databases: technology, medicine, social science and resource environment, with a total of more than 20000 kinds of resources, which can provide a comprehensive scientific research reference basis for users in different industries and majors

The official launch of the Science Library marks the phased success of the digital publishing exploration of the Science Press. With professional content resources and perfect business model, the scientific library has been widely recognized by professional users and achieved good performance in just a few weeks after its launch. So far, the science library, together with the offline digital publishing product science e study launched by the Science Press, has become a model for the digital transformation of the press

as for the achievements of the science library, hersijia, executive general manager of Founder Abby, was not surprised at all. She said that many professional publishers have actually formed their own characteristic publishing field in the long-term book publishing competition. The key for professional publishers to enter digital publishing is to seek appropriate technical support, product form, sales path and profit model according to their own positioning and the characteristics of content resources

as the country's largest comprehensive science and technology publishing organization with stme (Science, technology, medicine, education) as the main publishing field, science publishing house has congenital advantages in characteristic content resources. Through founder Abby's advanced technology and business model, the digital content processing and cross media service platform of the publishing house are realized, and the scientific library created by both sides has been recognized by the industry and users, It was expected

water conservancy and Hydropower Press: create a different digital hydropower

the rise of Science Press in the field of digital publishing has played a positive exemplary role for the whole market. It is understood that this year, China water resources and Hydropower Press also officially signed a contract with Founder Abby, and the two sides reached an agreement on the information network dissemination of professional resources in water resources and Hydropower to jointly build digital hydropower

the relevant person in charge of the water resources and Hydropower Press said that we have a relatively complete knowledge system and knowledge reserve in the professional field of water resources and hydropower, and the storage of historical data is also relatively perfect. We have formed our own advantages by using the characteristics of integrity, systematicness and high accuracy of these data. This cooperation with Founder Abby is to take these advantages out, Better provide services for users in the field

in addition to science publishing house and water conservancy and Hydropower Publishing House, professional publishing houses such as Law Publishing House and China financial and Economic Publishing House have also set foot in the field of digital publishing, and have carried out cooperation with Founder Abby in digital content processing, digital copyright protection and channel distribution of resources in related fields

the above cases show that due to its unique resource advantages, the digital publishing process of professional publishing houses has more potential. Some insiders believe that the biggest difficulty in transforming traditional publishing into digital publishing, such as data, is not technology and capital, but whether to grasp the essence and characteristics of digital publishing, and then establish the corresponding business model and profit model

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