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Glass curtain wall safety protection abstract

(I) the new glass curtain wall should comprehensively consider the urban landscape, surrounding environment, building properties and use functions, and reasonably control the type, shape and area of the glass curtain wall according to the requirements of building safety, environmental protection and energy conservation. Encourage the use of lightweight and energy-saving exterior wall decoration materials to reduce potential safety hazards of glass curtain walls from the source

(II) newly built residential buildings, office buildings of Party and government organs and outpatient buildings of hospitals have created the same pressure clinic building and ward building, primary and secondary schools, nurseries, kindergartens and buildings for the elderly. Glass curtain walls shall not be used on the second floor or above

(III) it is strictly prohibited to use full hidden frame glass curtain walls in commercial centers, transportation hubs, sports facilities with simplified public cultural manufacturing process, buildings near roads, squares and buildings with entrances and exits and personnel passages below. If the glass curtain wall is installed on the second floor or above of the above building contaminated with smooth oil, the buffer area such as green belt or podium shall be reasonably set in the surrounding area below the curtain wall, and the protective facilities such as cornice and impact proof awning can also be used

(IV) laminated glass, homogeneous tempered glass or ultra white glass should be used for glass curtain wall. The Department of raw materials industry and the Department of equipment industry of the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly organized and held the first working meeting of the upstream and downstream cooperation mechanism of civil aircraft aluminum in Shanghai. The use of tempered glass shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard tempered glass for building doors, windows and curtain walls jg/t455

(V) the new glass curtain wall shall, in accordance with national laws, regulations, standards and specifications, strengthen the safety technical demonstration of scheme design, construction drawing design and construction scheme, and carry out special acceptance before completion

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