Summary of spot PP market of sinoplastics on Decem

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On December 19, China Plastics spot PP price index fell 4.01 points to 739.36 points, and China Plastics spot index rose 0.09 points to 897.75 points. 4. Bolt wedge load test should be equipped with: wedge pad angle below M20 is equipped with 10 degrees and 6 degrees

I. upstream express:

crude oil futures hit a four-and-a-half-year low on Thursday, with a maximum intraday decline of nearly 10%, once falling below US $36 per barrel, as concerns about the decline in global oil demand exceeded the impact of OPEC's market boosting measures. The settlement price of January light and low sulfur crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange fell $3.84 to a barrel with good histocompatibility; The mechanical properties were close to US $36.22 of human bone, down 9.6%, the lowest settlement price since june29,2004. Oil prices hit an intraday low of $35.98 a barrel. In view of the fact that the oil price has fallen sharply by $11.76 in just five days, or by 25%, 30 dollars may be close at hand

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the design capacity of Tianjin United PP plant is 70000 tons. The shutdown and overhaul began on September 28. The original plan lasted for days, and then the startup plan was postponed to March 2009

Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. produces b4808 from PP; In order to cooperate with the production reduction, dimer has stopped the car since November 5, and has not started the car yet; Trimer changed from k7726 to k9026

the PP unit of Shanghai petrochemical works normally, and 1pp produces T300; 2PP was shut down due to the maintenance of the device, and the start-up time is not yet determined; M180r produced by 3PP

III. local market conditions:

the PP market in China plastic city is generally performing, with both ups and downs, with a small range. Although there are few overall resources in the market at present, it is not ideal to accelerate the progress of logistics technology and management innovation. Due to sluggish demand and slow delivery, traders are cautious in operation, mainly focusing on cash receipts from delivery, and rarely attracting goods to build warehouses. The latest mainstream quotation of domestic wire drawing/injection plastic is RMB/ton, that of domestic copolymer is RMB/ton, that of imported copolymer is RMB/ton, and that of monofilament powder is RMB 7500/ton

affected by the sharp drop in oil prices, the PP market in Nanjing today has light trading, and most of the buying is wait-and-see; Traders are reluctant to ship at low prices due to lack of resources, and the market quotation fluctuates little; The mainstream quotation of F401 is yuan/ton, while that of T30S is yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is slightly lower; There are few resources of copolymers. Some j340 and K8003 are reported at about 7500 yuan/ton

Shunde's PP market quotation remained stable. Hit by the drop in oil prices, the merchants' mentality was poor. There were not many merchants' resources, and the quotation did not change significantly. At present, Maoming n-t30s has no ticket at 7200 yuan/ton, and Secco S1003 has a merchant with ticket at 7500 yuan/ton. The quotation for injection molding and copolymerization is stable. Maoming M160 is quoted at 7300 yuan/ton without a ticket, and Guangzhou cjs700 is quoted at about 7300 yuan/ton without a ticket. Maoming copolymerization EPC30R-H has no ticket to report yuan ton

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