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Summary of intelligent manufacturing policies of provinces and cities in China in 2019

intelligent manufacturing refers to the deep integration of new generation information and communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology, which runs through all links of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service, and has new production modes such as perception, learning, decision-making, implementation and adaptation

the equipment manufacturing industry is a national treasure and the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry. It shoulders an important mission in promoting the implementation of made in China 2025 and realizing the transformation of made in China from big to strong. With the continuous introduction of policies in the field of intelligent manufacturing, China's manufacturing industry has gradually transformed to intelligent manufacturing, and began to apply a large number of cloud computing, big data, robots and other related technologies

under the background of national policies and technological transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry, China's intelligent manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, which has a profound impact on industrial development and division of labor. According to the data, the market scale of China's intelligent manufacturing industry was RMB 1515billion in 2017, with a growth rate of 22.6%. With the gradual improvement of technology and the continuous expansion of the application industry, the market scale will continue to grow. It is expected that the market scale will exceed RMB 1900billion in 2019

as one of the main driving forces of China's manufacturing industry, the intelligent manufacturing industry will continue to grow steadily with the introduction of favorable policies. Flocking like materials can reduce the pollution caused by spraying or printing and dyeing that originally achieved the effect of imitation kapok. China's manufacturing industry will play a more and more important role. Provinces and cities have successively promoted policies to accelerate the contribution of the intelligent manufacturing industry to the regional economy

Guangdong: the manufacturing industry will fully enter the stage of Intelligent Manufacturing in 2025

by 2025, the comprehensive strength and sustainable development ability of Guangdong's manufacturing industry will be significantly enhanced, its position in the global industrial chain and value chain will be significantly improved, and the province will be built into a national intelligent manufacturing development demonstration and leading area and an intelligent manufacturing industry cluster with international competitiveness

by 2025, the manufacturing industry of the whole province will fully enter the stage of intelligent manufacturing and basically become a strong manufacturing province. The level of manufacturing industry has been significantly improved, and the total labor productivity of industries above designated size has been increased to 250000 yuan/person. The ability of independent innovation has been significantly improved. The R & D investment of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size accounts for more than 1.7% of the main business income. The supporting capacity of safe and controllable intelligent technology products and information service capacity have been significantly enhanced. Informatization and industrialization are deeply integrated. The integrated application of information technology in Industrial Enterprises above designated size has reached the domestic leading level, and the manufacturing quality competitiveness index has reached 86.5. The international status of key enterprises has been highlighted. A number of industrial enterprises with annual main business income of more than 10billion yuan and 100billion yuan have been cultivated, and a number of international enterprises with core key technologies, independent brands and high-level division of labor have emerged. The international market share of technologies, products and services with independent intellectual property rights has increased significantly, and a national intelligent manufacturing development demonstration and leading area and an internationally competitive intelligent manufacturing industry cluster have been built

Shanghai: the development plan for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry

thoroughly implement the construction strategy of a manufacturing power and a global scientific and technological innovation center and the deployment of supply side structural reform, take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of the transformation from "made in Shanghai" to "made in Shanghai", implement the "ten hundred thousand" project of intelligent manufacturing application, adhere to application traction, software and hardware coordination, classified measures and government guidance, and vigorously promote the new mode of intelligent manufacturing application, Establish a new mechanism for intelligent manufacturing application, and strive to build Shanghai into a highland of intelligent manufacturing application, a source of core technology and an output of system solutions in China by 2020

Jiangsu: 1000 intelligent workshops will be built in 2020

recently, in order to accelerate the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy, and promote the high-quality development of industrial economy, Jiangsu Province issued the opinions on further accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing. By 2020, 1000 intelligent workshops, about 50 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration plants and about 10 provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration zones will be built in the province

according to the requirements of the opinions, we should strengthen the construction of leading service institutions and further improve the professional service level of Intelligent Manufacturing - cultivate and expand system solution suppliers. By 2020, Jiangsu Province will cultivate and form about 100 domestic influential localization and branding intelligent manufacturing leading service institutions

Chongqing: strive to exceed 40billion yuan in the output value of intelligent manufacturing related industries in 2022

recently, Chongqing issued an implementation plan for the development of intelligent manufacturing, which defines Chongqing's goals and tasks in intelligent manufacturing

by 2020, the city will strive to make significant progress in intelligent manufacturing, promote 2500 enterprises to implement intelligent transformation, build impact testing machines as necessary equipment to control product quality, set up 5 industrial interconnection platforms with strong domestic competitiveness, 20 intelligent factories and 200 digital workshops, create 10 industry-level intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, and build 5 intelligent manufacturing demonstration parks, More than 68% of large-scale industrial enterprises have entered the digital manufacturing stage, and more than 52% of large-scale industrial enterprises have entered the digital networked manufacturing stage. The "two modernizations" integration development level index has reached 58, the output value of intelligent manufacturing related industries has exceeded 30billion yuan, and the intelligent transformation of automobile, electronics, equipment and other qualified and basic key industries has achieved remarkable results

by 2022, the city's intelligent manufacturing will further develop, pushing 5000 enterprises to implement intelligent transformation, building 10 industrial interconnection platforms, 50 intelligent factories, 500 Digital workshops with strong domestic competitiveness, creating 25 industry-level intelligent manufacturing benchmarking enterprises, building 12 intelligent manufacturing demonstration parks, and basically building an industrial interconnection ecosystem covering key industries, More than 84% of large-scale industrial enterprises have entered the digital manufacturing stage, and more than 64% of large-scale industrial enterprises have entered the digital networked manufacturing stage. The "company has designed a system with two modernizations" and the integrated development level index has reached 62. The output value of intelligent manufacturing related industries has exceeded 40billion yuan

Shandong: accelerate the intelligent transformation of enterprises

according to the plan, by 2022, the key areas of Shandong's traditional manufacturing industry will basically realize digital manufacturing, and the key industries and key enterprises with good conditions and foundation will basically realize intelligent transformation

by 2022, the popularization rate of digital R & D and design tools for traditional industrial enterprises in Shandong Province will reach more than 72%, the numerical control rate of key processes for industrial enterprises above Designated Size will reach more than 57%, the number of robots with 10000 people will reach more than 200, and the digital and intelligent level of manufacturing industry in Shandong Province will be in the forefront in China; Before and after the implementation of the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project, the operating cost of the enterprise was reduced by 20%, the product development cycle shortened the life of an ordinary processing plant by 20%, the production efficiency was increased by 20%, the energy utilization rate was increased by 13%, and the defective product rate should be greatly reduced. The setting of these specific indicators has been carefully calculated by experts. They are not unreachable and unattainable, but accelerate development against the goals. Through the joint efforts of the whole society, they can not only be achieved, but also reflect the quality benefits of the development of intelligent manufacturing

Anhui: the short-term goal of the development plan for the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. By 2020, the development environment and infrastructure of artificial intelligence will be continuously improved, and significant progress will be made in key frontier theories and application technologies. A number of outstanding enterprises will emerge in key fields such as product intelligence, industrial intelligence and service intelligence, and a group of high-level leading talents and innovation teams will be gathered to form characteristic applications in artificial intelligence platforms, intelligent industrial robots, intelligent household appliances, intelligent equipment manufacturing and other fields. The scale of artificial intelligence industry has exceeded 15billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 100billion yuan

medium term objectives. By 2025, breakthroughs will be made in key frontier theories and application technologies in some fields, relevant technologies will be widely used in intelligent agriculture, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent city and other fields, competitive advantages will be established in intelligent unmanned equipment, service robots and other fields, and a number of artificial intelligence Enterprises and talent teams with international advanced level will be cultivated. The scale of the artificial intelligence industry has reached 50billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 450billion yuan

long term objectives. By 2030, an industrial system with leading technological strength, prominent industrial advantages, leading characteristic applications, and balanced software and hardware development will be formed, and a development environment with enterprise scale agglomeration, effective transformation of achievements, significant brand effect, complete supporting services, and benign industrial interaction will be built, becoming an important leading area and strategic highland of artificial intelligence industry in the country. The scale of artificial intelligence industry has reached 150billion yuan, driving the scale of related industries to reach 1trillion yuan

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