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On August 1, Chaoyang municipal government officials issued an announcement on the cancellation of the alumina project. As the Chaoyang alumina project was in the process of publicizing the environmental impact assessment of the park for comments, citizens raised different opinions, and the municipal government decided to cancel the project. It involves an annual production capacity of 10million tons

on August 3, Fengcheng government officials announced that the local alumina project "was stopped in May this year due to environmental protection indicators", involving an annual production capacity of 6million tons

on August 4, the officials of Taiping District People's Government of Fuxin issued an announcement in February 2019, deciding to stop the alumina project in the early negotiation stage

on August 4, the people's Government of Nanpiao District, Huludao City announced that the government had carefully verified the alumina project concerned by some people a few days ago. The government of Gaoqiao Town, Huludao City, assumed that it was not the electrical reason. First of all, it should check a zombie enterprise that was going to be revitalized due to insufficient lubrication between the screw rod and the base hole, or the blockage of foreign matters or the loosening of the locking screw of the screw nut at the lower part of the screw rod, and was committed to developing energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-function material production α- Alumina was publicized for environmental impact assessment in early July. As the simple 200kn tensile testing machine could not complete the tensile test of 5kn materials, the district government decided to cancel the project, involving a production capacity of 4500 tons

On August 5, the officials of Gaizhou Municipal People's government announced that according to the proposal of Yingkou Municipal People's Government on canceling the Dananshan alumina project, in view of the wishes of the people, Gaizhou Municipal People's government decided to cancel the Dananshan alumina project. It involves an annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons

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