Summary of recent domestic HDPE Market

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Recent overview of domestic HDPE market

after the Spring Festival, the domestic high-pressure polyethylene market did not stabilize due to the long holiday, but continued to rise. The ex factory prices of various manufacturers continued to rise. Traders were optimistic about the current market, so they dared to actively store goods before the festival, resulting in an abnormal shortage of market resources. At the same time, domestic production enterprises have very hot sales and few inventories. The price increase also stimulates you to visit the high-voltage market of our company and laugh at the "buy up but not buy down" mentality

from the actual market transactions after the festival, the quotation of polyethylene traders is generally higher than that before the festival, but most middlemen with goods in hand are still unwilling to ship under the current situation, so the quotation is chaotic, and the trading volume is not significantly reflected for the time being. At present, the market price in Shanghai is yuan/ton, and the market price of coating materials in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is yuan/ton. Because the total contraction of the high quotation of the external market is supported by the combined effect of two kinds of reverse contraction, it indicates that there will still be room for rise in the domestic high-pressure market price for quality assurance

as there is no sign of weakness in upstream ethylene and crude oil (the problems of several units in Asia lead to the rise of fuel oil prices and the problems of the naphtha unit of Mitsui in Japan, as well as the expected overhaul of several units in the region is about to begin, the ethylene supply in the Asian market is extremely short, and the market price is firm), the market price of high-pressure polyethylene outer disk continues to strengthen. It is said that the recent quotation of the outer disk has exceeded 750 US dollars/ton (CFR China), the price of Malaysian export cargo has also risen above the level of 700 US dollars/ton CFR, and some end users bid us dollars CFR. The second half of February to the first half of March will be the peak period for the use of agricultural film in China. At this time, there will be a large amount of import demand in the Chinese market

the market price of linear high-pressure polyethylene after the festival was 7300 yuan/ton, and the ex factory price of enterprises was generally about 7100 yuan/ton. Because the price of linear products increased considerably in the early stage, the price performance has been stable recently. At present, the quotation of linear high voltage in South Korea and Taiwan is at the level of USD CFR. It is said that the bid price of Indonesia reached USD CF, and the material has been used in global greenhouse R, and the bid price rose to USD CFR, and the buyer maintained a wait-and-see situation

in the future, due to the tight supply of ethylene and the high price, the price of intermediate petrochemical raw materials is not easy to decline in the short term. The domestic high-pressure market will continue to rise in the short term. The stocked middlemen are generally optimistic about the price trend. It is estimated that when the us Iraq war breaks out, the price of crude oil may drive the price of related chemical products to an instant high, At that time, it will stimulate all middlemen to ship in large quantities, and the market price may turn into a low tide

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