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With the antique design of Jiangnan Town, Kanoya wardrobe, which made a stunning debut at the 5th Guangzhou wardrobe exhibition, soon showed a high popularity. New and old franchisees around the world had positive information, and the scene was hot

on March 24, the Fifth China (Guangzhou) wardrobe exhibition, an annual event of the wardrobe industry, was grandly opened. Compared with previous periods, this exhibition is larger, more targeted and has a further impact. As a leader in the comprehensive strength of the customized wardrobe industry, what kind of surprise did canoya bring? Please follow the photographer's footsteps to the exhibition hall of canoya's wardrobe

soon after the launch, the Kanoya exhibition hall was immediately crowded and popular

the karoya wardrobe in this exhibition has changed its style in the past. From product display, interior decoration to exhibition hall, it has moved towards a simple and elegant low-key route

canoya's product design concept and exhibition hall style attracted many exhibition partners to stop

they all have a strong interest in canoya wardrobe products. They touch them with their hands, experience them with their bodies, and feel them with their hearts. Here, there is no need for too many introductory words. The comfort and pleasure of home space are most truly reflected in one touch

the expansion personnel are explaining the investment promotion policies for the partners who come to find cooperation, explaining the product details for the new and old franchisees, and the upsurge of discussion and exchange is heating up

if you also want to experience the visual feast of Kanoya wardrobe, welcome to Kanoya exhibition hall. Tasting: 3.24-26 Guangzhou Poly World Trade Exhibition Hall 1c05




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