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[] home decoration cost is one of the first factors that most consumers consider when decorating. In the face of all kinds of home decoration companies and quotations in the market, how much does it cost to decorate a house? How to reduce the decoration cost as much as possible on the premise of ensuring the effect? [related reading: home decoration bottomless hole nine tips for saving money in home decoration] the main aspects of housing decoration should include all floors, walls, top surfaces, top corners and corners, and then doors and windows. The price can be divided into three grades:

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the first grade: ordinary full-length bricks are used for the floors of bedrooms, living rooms and balconies, domestic latex paint is used for the walls and top surfaces, domestic wall and floor tiles are used for kitchens and toilets, PVC gusset ceiling is used, the top corners of bedrooms and living rooms are decorated with gypsum lines, and the corners, doors and radiators are treated with wooden bags. These basic contents from one bedroom to three bedrooms cost about 15000 yuan to 25000 yuan, with an average of about 400 yuan per square meter. This grade has met the most basic requirements of decoration. The second grade: the bedroom adopts imported composite wood floor or domestic solid wood floor, which has been improved in function and beauty compared with the previous grade. The living room adopts joint-venture floor tiles, the wall and roof adopt Nippon Paint, and other materials rise to a higher level in turn. In this way, it costs about 20000 yuan to 40000 yuan from one bedroom to three bedrooms, with an average of 500 yuan per square meter. The third level: wooden floors are used in bedrooms and living rooms, and other materials are selected to a higher level. Imported materials can be used. In this way, it costs about 30000 yuan to 50000 yuan from one bedroom to three bedrooms, with an average of 650 yuan to 700 yuan per square meter

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the above price is only the price of decoration, not including the price of decoration. People all hope to be beautiful and save money when decorating at home, and saving money does not mean reducing quality and effect. The quality of decoration materials is divided into upper, middle and lower levels, but the same level of materials will have different prices due to source problems, so it is always applicable to shop around. 1. Most of them are cheap and some are expensive. Most of the materials and practices are cheap, and a few of the finishing touches are high-priced items, which looks like they will have a higher style. 2. Don't look for unqualified companies, they may transfer economic losses to customers. 3. It is best to invite professional designers to do planning and design, so that the money can be put into practice and achieve the desired results

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4. It is not suitable to hire workers directly for construction. On the surface, it costs less, but in fact, because of the differences in details and practices, the cost is much higher than the income. 5. Hiring engineers from professional supervision companies to check can achieve the purpose of saving trouble, money, time and effort




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