Log and white Nordic small apartment

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A comfortable home should feel at home. For example, in this Nordic apartment, the simple two-color collocation is accompanied by a large number of bright lights, set off by colorful home decoration, and decorated with cute decorations, showing moving warmth in the plain

the drawer cabinet with solid wood texture also shows the fresh and natural appearance of logs. With the mirror with wooden edges and a wooden chair, the most important dressing area before going out has been built

due to the limited area, large embedded lockers are designed, and a large amount of wall space is used to complete the storage of daily necessities. A bright ceiling lamp provides sufficient lighting for the walkway

wooden closets and all kinds of tables, chairs and benches of the same material make the white space no longer empty, and they can't help but sigh that they have brought warmth and humanity to the minimalist style living room

magazines, books and CDs have their own territories. These numerous items are arranged on the shelves on the wall. The neat arrangement makes the living room look quite clean, and there is no messy trace left

due to the full consideration of children's active nature, a brightly colored wall decorative painting is selected to adjust the decoration style of different spaces, effectively adding a lively atmosphere and making the children's room full of vitality

the area beside the bed is well used. The stool with simple shape acts as the bedside table, while the small wooden wardrobe has good affinity, which can effectively increase the warmth of the room. Simple desk lamps and wall lamps can not only provide lighting, but also add warmth to the bedroom

the comfortable style of the bedroom is achieved by using conservative bedding. The black-and-white cushion enriches the sense of massiness in the room. A soft red blanket adds warmth to people sleeping

clothes that you often wear and all kinds of bedding fabrics used for changing seasons will be put in this locker; The design with a lot of pulling boards cleverly separates clear layers, and opening the cabinet door makes people feel square and organized

the whole kitchen cabinet with plain noodles and the range hood are angular, all telling the owner's high-end taste. The ceramic tiles with obvious lines on the wall fully interpret the vastness and infinite extension of the kitchen

a white shelf with the same style is fixed under the hanging cabinet in the cooking area to place condiments. Make full use of the space between the upper and lower kitchen cabinets, so that the overall kitchen cabinet still looks neat and stylish

the chopping board in the middle is more like moving the desk to the kitchen; Therefore, the round stool is especially suitable for cooking operation. The wooden cooking table eliminates the monotony and coldness of color, and the fruits and vegetables displayed outside make the kitchen full of life

pure white sanitary ware and white space form a harmonious and unified style, while the green shower curtain with spring and the green plant decoration on the washbasin integrate nature into the bathroom, and the space becomes more fresh and vibrant

the combination of two diametrically opposed colors of black and white gives people the feeling of being extremely simple. The color is simple, the lines are also simple and neat, and the beauty of various conflicts in the space is both rational and emotional




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