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The business model of big stores has always been adhered to by the new standard. It is an important strategy of the new standard to cut into the overall home decoration of the whole house from doors and windows. At present, it has been fruitful. All provinces and even cities in the national monopoly stores have benchmarking big stores, setting a good example for surrounding cities

interviewee: huangdongjiang, general manager of simbor new standard

home hotline: the new mark is marked with the project of 100 cities and 1000 stores. The company encourages our dealers to open large stores. What is the situation of the new standard in large stores across the country now? What measures do you think will make the development of big stores better

Mr. Huang: the business model of big stores has always been adhered to by the new standard. It is an important strategy of the new standard to cut into the overall home decoration of the whole house from doors and windows. At present, it has been fruitful. All provinces and even cities in the national monopoly stores have benchmark big stores, which set a good example for the surrounding cities. The establishment of 4A sample board market is one of our strategies to promote big stores. By supporting the establishment of a part of the characteristic big store market, And copy this successful model to similar markets, so as to improve the success rate of large stores

home hotline: it is understood that from September 26 to October 10, Xinbiao home launched a national linkage promotion of "16th anniversary feedback ceremony", giving back new and old customers who have been supporting and accompanying Xinbiao's growth with the preferential strength of once in 16 years. Would you please introduce this Juhui activity? What was the idea

Mr. Huang: seeing that many brands have become more and more outstanding, and many brands have died out, the new logo has stood firm in 16 years, which is inseparable from its own efforts. In addition, it is also the love of the market for the new logo. In 16 years, the new logo focuses on products, and there are not many links to interact with consumers. This is also a great opportunity to strengthen communication with consumers, so this activity naturally focuses on gratitude and feedback, Both products and gifts can be said to be the most shocking feedback activity in the history of the new logo

home hotline: the new standard won the honorary title of "2015 China's top ten wardrobe brands", and 4million consumers voted. It is reported that the award winning standard revolves around "quality, process and health" as the main selection standard. Then, how do you think the process technology and environmental protection performance of the new standard products are reflected

Mr. Huang: this award seems to be set up for the new standard. Whether the customized wardrobe is professional or not needs to be divided from the degree of production process and production standard, and the production process and production standard are closely related to production equipment and process flow. The new standard wardrobe Industrial Park has advanced equipment at home and abroad, such as German Haomai automatic cutting machine, Italian bias processing control center, Spain babelan coating machine, Germany wincona plastic suction machine, etc, Ensure that each production process has a high standard. The 3D software of wardrobe design connects the sales and production end, forming a complete closed loop. Big data directly ensures the accuracy of process technology. The new standard has passed the most authoritative environmental protection certification in China - ten ring certification as early as 2011, and the environmental protection performance must be guaranteed

home hotline: it is reported that as early as 2012, Xinbiao cooperated with key dealers to open up online and offline sales channels. This year, the self built big home online mall has created a new investment attraction mode. You can introduce how the new standard stands at the "Internet +" tuyere. How does it take advantage of the momentum to fly in the Internet investment attraction

Mr. Huang: the Internet has become an important way to obtain information in today's society. Investment attraction largely depends on the amount of information. We have long realized the importance of Internet investment attraction. The Internet has also brought us a large number of franchised customers. Baidu, 360, Google, Sogou and other mainstream search engines have all been covered. The next step is the in-depth cooperation with Internet media

home hotline: 2015 is a year for the new standard to develop. As the first year for the combination of doors, windows and wardrobe to occupy the market, 2015 is a key battle for the new standard. How does the new standard home build its own brand? Please share with us

Mr. Huang: this year, we mainly carry out the brand layout with the combination of software and hardware, and the time runs through the whole year. From the renewal of the contract with Louis Koo, we start to launch the brand battle, and carry out soft marketing in combination with Louis Koo's shooting of advertising films. After the event is further fermented, we start to launch relatively strong outdoor advertisements, such as high-speed rail, airport, anti-aircraft artillery advertisements, and CCTV TV advertisements, for a new round of brand occupation

home hotline: finally, more than half of 2015, I would like to ask how the sales of the new standard are in the first half of the year, and what are the major actions in the second half of the year

Mr. Huang: in the overall situation is not ideal, the sales volume of the new brand bucked the trend and increased significantly month on month. In the second half of the year, while ensuring sales volume, it is also necessary to further promote brand construction and dealer construction, and comprehensively sort out the VI and SI systems of the new brand, so that dealers can feel that the brand brings not only advertising power, but also more soft brand cultural power




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