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in order to alleviate the financial pressure of consumers, some banks and decoration companies have launched installment businesses related to decoration, so that consumers will not be short of cash during decoration, and bring more choices for capital distribution. However, the reporter learned that although loan decoration has been launched for many years, the number of consumers using loan decoration has been low. According to the analysis of insiders, the reason is that the decoration loan has not really relieved the pressure of consumers. Visit: decoration companies are basically “ Loan decoration ” According to the reporter, the decoration loan and installment payment have appeared for about 10 years. Boloni, Dongyirisheng, Yezhifeng, Shichuang, ShengDian, Qingzhou and other decoration companies have cooperation with banks in the decoration installment business. The reporter consulted the customer service staff of Yezhifeng decoration. The customer service staff explained that Yezhifeng has cooperation with Bank of China, with a loan amount of 50000-300000 yuan and a term of 1-3 years. The reporter pointed out that the interest rate of decoration loan is not low, so it is better to save money before decoration. The customer service staff said: “ Your savings will not keep up with the price rise in this industry. The current labor cost has increased by 15% over last year, not counting materials& rdquo; Among the decoration companies visited, creative decoration has cooperation with ICBC, China Construction Bank and China Merchants Bank; Light boat decoration has cooperation with Bank of China and China Construction Bank, and its Xingfu Yijia decoration has cooperation with China Construction Bank; Boloni also has cooperation with CCB; Unexpectedly, Jiale house decoration has just cooperated with Agricultural Bank of China to carry out decoration loan business. Some home decoration installment businesses can also enjoy zero interest and preferential installment handling rates. For example, the decoration loan of Jiale house decoration in cooperation with ABC is interest free for one year, two points for two years, the loan amount is 300000-500000, and the loan term is 1-3 years. Generally, the installment period of home decoration loan includes 6 periods, 12 periods, 18 periods, 24 periods and 36 periods. The number of periods is diverse and the choice is flexible. Zhang He, the designer of the third design department of Qingzhou Xingfu Yijia Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., believes that the current decoration price is rising every year, but people have requirements for the quality of life, hope to improve the quality of life, and can also accept the decoration with high price but good quality. Loan decoration can ease the economic tension, and the general young people are willing to accept this way. There are not many consumers of loan decoration, but in the interview with reporters, many decoration companies also said that there are not many consumers who really use loan decoration. Sunwei, chairman of creative decoration, told reporters that about 20% of consumers in creative decoration would choose to borrow money for decoration. Gao Liang, general manager of Qingzhou Xingfu Yijia Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., bluntly said that consumers who choose decoration loans probably account for only 1% to 3%. Qian Mingfa, general manager of fanzhijialeyou decoration, told reporters that Leyou decoration just cooperated with ABC in the home decoration loan project in July this year, and less than 10 consumers have used this project in more than a month. Why is there convenient loan decoration business, but few users? Industry insiders believe that most consumers who choose brand decoration companies have enough funds for decoration and do not need to use installment business. Installment payment is different from people's traditional consumption habits. Most people still like the traditional consumption mode, especially in decoration. If the money is not enough, they will first consider reducing the decoration standard, or wait until the money is enough. Voice: choose a cost-effective way according to the repayment period. ShengDian decoration has a cooperative home decoration loan project with the bank, as well as a decoration fund project. For decoration companies, cooperation with banks means that banks recruit target customers in decoration companies, while cooperation with decoration funds means that decoration fund projects bring target customers to decoration companies. Therefore, in comparison, we certainly prefer cooperation with decoration fund projects. For consumers, using home decoration special loan projects, some are free of handling charges within one year, but the interest rate is relatively high after more than one year. Few people really choose home decoration loan business. When choosing home decoration consumer loans, consumers can comprehensively consider the length of the loan repayment period and whether there is collateral and other conditions, and choose a more cost-effective loan method. Viewpoint: Ms. Peng, a consumer with high repayment pressure, told the Beijing news that because she consulted a bank for decoration, the maximum loan was 300000 yuan, which could be repaid in three years, and the monthly payment was nearly 10000 yuan. Ms. Peng said: “ Although the bank is interest free for the first year, it needs to pay more than 20000 yuan per month if it wants to repay the money in the interest free period of the first year, which is almost impossible. Even if it is paid off in three years, the repayment of 10000 yuan per month is difficult to afford, the interest rate is not low, and the repayment pressure is too great& rdquo; Decoration loan is a little embarrassing. Gao Liang, general manager of Qingzhou Xingfu Yijia Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., told the Beijing News reporter that the bank is looking for decoration companies to cooperate, because decoration customers are directional, so there is no need to find target customers; In addition, decoration loan business can generally save handling charges or interest for consumers, which is lower than the exchange rate of other loans of the bank, so it can attract consumers in need. However, in terms of the current consumption habits of domestic decoration people, the situation of decoration loans is still relatively embarrassing. Rich people do not need loans for decoration, and people who are short of money may do what they can and do simple decoration or not install at all. Tip: shop around first for installment payment of home decoration. Most building materials must be purchased from decoration companies. When purchasing building materials from this decoration company, you must accept the brand and price of its store. If consumers sign a contract with this company, they cannot shop around with other decoration companies. Once they renege, they will lose the measurement fee and design fee paid in advance. Before signing the contract, we should compare several decoration companies of the same grade, and understand the different prices of each company with the same service content. Reasonably arrange the repayment period. The installment business of home decoration launched by most banks is basically divided into 6 to 36 periods, and the handling fee ranges from 0 to 12%, without mortgage; The traditional decoration loan needs to be mortgaged, but the interest rate is the same as that of personal housing loan. Choose a one-year installment business of home decoration, and some are free of interest and handling charges; When choosing the two-year installment business of home decoration, the handling rate of installment payment of home decoration is generally 8%, which is already relatively high, so choosing loan decoration also requires a reasonable calculation of the length of the repayment period of the loan




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