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New products shine American leasing exhibition JLG opens the year of 2015

new products shine American leasing exhibition JLG opens the year of 2015

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from February 23 to 25, 2015, the annual American leasing Exhibition (ARA) arrived at the Morial Exhibition Center in New Orleans. As the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telescopic boom forklift trucks, JLG (jieerjie) once again showed its strong strength, displaying the redesigned JLG brand. The enterprise should establish an information sharing platform, upgrade relevant computer software or replace the integrated system, and cooperate with excellent Internet enterprises and vocational and technical colleges to enhance the technology and ability in this regard. Telescopic boom forklift trucks and straight arm, curved arm Scissors and other aerial work platform products

for construction machinery enterprises, American leasing Exhibition (ARA) is the first show platform in 2015. JLG's strong new product lineup not only makes booth 8923 the focus of the audience, but also lays an innovative and dynamic tone for its market development in 2015

among JLG's huge product lineup, the most eye-catching is the world's first 5394rt cross-country scissor aerial work platform. The high load performance combined with the 1.22m pushable extension platform means that it can accommodate more construction personnel, tools and materials in actual work, reduce the time consumption of back and forth handling, and greatly improve the work output. In addition, customers can add an additional 1.22m extension platform to meet the needs of more space

jlg (jieerjie) 5394rt cross-country scissors aerial work platform

if the super working ability of 5394rt is an improvement in efficiency, its excellent climbing ability is more like being born for cross-country. This also enables 5394rt to be widely used in outdoor work such as commercial buildings, steel structure hoisting, stadiums and conference centers. JLG 5394rt cross-country scissor type aerial work platform is even more outstanding in the location shooting of film and television and sports events

jlg (jieerjie) 460SJ straight arm aerial work platform

in addition, the three redesigned aerial work platforms exhibited in the same period - 400s straight arm aerial work platform, 460SJ straight arm aerial work platform and 450AJ curved arm aerial work platform have also received special attention because of their outstanding performance and broad prospects. These three new products fully explain the latest technological achievements JLG has made in this field - Ultra-high load, safe handling, stability and efficiency, fuel saving and consumption reduction. Comprehensive innovation and improvement can effectively help customers improve operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership

jlg (jieerjie) improves the technical level of polymerization, spinning, dyeing and finishing industrialization of polylactic acid, poly (propylene terephthalate) and bio Based Polyamide 450AJ curved arm aerial work platform

after re product design and optimization, the number of hydraulic hoses of these three aerial work platforms has been significantly reduced by 40%, making the machine structure more simplified. This not only reduces the number of potential leakage points, but also minimizes the maintenance risk. In the design of engine hood, a new dura high material is selected. This new material is hard and flexible, and the equipment owner can spend less time repairing or replacing the damaged hair as a cost-effective solution to meet this growing engine hood. In the future, complete language will be used to replace the past fault codes in the information transmission of the MDI display of the equipment, so as to further simplify troubleshooting and reduce service call time. These new designs are enough to confirm JLG's ultimate pursuit of user experience

"we have been following the pace of market development. The market needs strong, durable, easy to maintain and efficient aerial work platforms, so we are working in this direction. It has been proved that the combination of these factors can indeed help customers reduce total cost of ownership and improve return on investment", said Mr. Corey raymo, global product director of JLG aerial work platforms, "The three aerial work platform products launched this time are applicable to the global market, which means that our machines can be well loaded into containers for transportation, and even oversized tires can be transported to all parts of the world by overturning"

through the annual American leasing Exhibition (ARA), JLG showed the style of a leader to the global market, injecting new confidence and motivation into the owners and users of JLG aerial work platforms. In 2015, we will start a new future with new products together with jieerjie

about JLG

JLG (jierje) Co., Ltd. in the United States is a subsidiary of Oshkosh group, a New York listed company in the United States, and the world's largest manufacturer of aerial work platforms. It mainly produces different types of straight arm aerial work platforms, curved arm aerial work platforms, scissors aerial work platforms, fork loading and other products. It has production bases in Europe, the United States and China, and its business covers four continents of soluble poly (4 fluoroethylene) PFA

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