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The 2009 China (Shanghai) International thermal instrumentation and temperature control and measurement equipment and application technology exhibition, held in Shanghai from December 15 to 17, 2009, has successfully concluded

as an exhibitor, OPEX showed the world its technological innovation in the field of infrared temperature measurement. Optris is very honored to show its customers. They are the backbone of the exhibition. It is their support that has enabled us to achieve the current market leading position

sales brochures can never replace face-to-face communication and real product display. Optris has 20 years of engineering experience and is familiar with the sales and technology in the field of infrared temperature measurement. The distance between the two is 1.2-2mm, which is a good talent, So that the company has the ability to provide temperature solutions that meet all the needs of users with "thousands of grinding and thousands of hitting". In this exhibition, OPEX showed customers a series of LEGO toys (ABS) that cannot be stored in its laboratory In the phenomenon of vibration, high cost performance products have been launched, including portable and type, with a temperature range of -50~3300 ℃. The products are mainly used in the fields of equipment maintenance and industrial process control. In addition, OPEX also launched a high-performance new product - CT ratio 1m two-color optical fiber infrared thermometer. Based on the principle of two-color detection, the measurement is not affected by factors such as dust or partial occlusion of the field of view. It is usually also suitable for measuring objects with unstable emissivity. The solid optical fiber probe can withstand an ambient temperature of 250 ℃ without cooling. As a dark horse in the portable series, ms-b infrared handheld temperature monitor has attracted wide attention of the audience with its optical lens, high-precision measurement values, unique sound and light synchronous alarm and continuous monitoring functions

OPEX believes that every customer who has come to the OPEX booth has a better understanding of optris and its products

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