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China railway construction new rail transit equipment Industrial Park starts construction

China railway construction new rail transit equipment Industrial Park starts construction

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on January 11, China railway construction new rail transit equipment Industrial Park started construction in Changsha economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan Province. The layout of the industrial park to create a full range of new rail transit equipment is a good product of the development momentum of China's new material industry, At the same time, seven new rail transit comprehensive test lines, including Changsha medium and low speed maglev test line, which is the world's highest design speed per hour, will be built. The construction of the Industrial Park marks a substantial step taken by China Railway Construction in promoting the autonomy and industrialization of new rail transit technology and equipment

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China railway construction new rail transit equipment industrial park is specifically implemented and constructed by railway construction heavy industry, with a total investment of 10billion yuan, to create a complete industrial chain of new rail transit equipment, including ultra-high speed, high, medium and low speed, freight maglev trains, suspended monorail trains, straddle monorail trains, trams, etc., as well as complete sets of track system equipment such as turnouts and track grates of the above-mentioned transportation systems, Form an integrated vehicle rail solution. The industrial park covers an area of 1700 mu, including 1500 mu of production Park and 200 mu of test line, with a planned construction area of about 400000 square meters. It is equipped with modern industrial plants, and it is equipped with automatic assembly lines for welding, processing, assembly, testing and testing in accordance with industry 4.0 standards, as well as auxiliary production capacity and logistical support measures such as maglev, steering, electrical, hydraulic, control, etc. The pre grinding trace radius of the project can be set through a cumulative scale. It is estimated that the operation of the experimental machine will be more efficient in 2020. It will be completed in December and put into operation at the end of 2022, reaching an annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan after production

seven new rail transit comprehensive test lines that meet the requirements of various systems have been built at the same time, including magnetic levitation lines below 200 km/h, magnetic levitation lines above 200 km/h, high-speed magnetic levitation lines above 600 km/h, magnetic levitation freight lines, straddle monorails, suspended monorails, trams and other test lines. Among them, Changsha medium and low-speed maglev test line is 5.44 kilometers long, with a design speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a reserved design speed of 200 kilometers per hour. It is the world's first intelligent medium and low-speed maglev test line with a high design speed in China. It is also the longest one-time built in the world and the first comprehensive test line with full-scale display and experience of maglev system functions in China

China railway construction new rail transit equipment Industrial Park starts construction

at the commencement ceremony, China railway construction heavy industry and Changsha rail transit group also signed a framework cooperation agreement on the joint establishment of the "Changsha new rail transit technology R & D center", and unveiled the R & D center. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out relevant research and development, design, manufacturing, testing and other work around the system of new rail transit, placing water systems with different temperatures in sections in the cooling water tank, equipment, construction, operation and maintenance, and achieve complementary advantages through in-depth cooperation, so as to build the R & D center into a domestic leading R & D base of new rail transit technology, which will contribute to the technological progress of the industry Changsha provides technical and equipment support for the leapfrog development of new rail transit

the commencement ceremony was hosted by China Railway Construction Corporation, undertaken by China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corporation and Changsha rail transit group, and co organized by China Railway maglev, China Railway 11th Bureau, China Railway 23rd Bureau, China Railway 4th Institute and China Railway 5th Institute. More than 300 people from relevant departments of China Railway construction headquarters and secondary units such as design, construction and manufacturing, as well as Changsha City, Changsha Economic Development Zone and Changsha County Government attended the commencement ceremony

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