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Yanjing Beer Baotou company new project put into production

recently, Yanjing Beer (Baotou Xuelu) Co., Ltd. has put into trial production a 200000 ton technological transformation and expansion project

according to Shi Xiaozhuang, executive deputy general manager of Yanjing Beer (Baotou Xuelu) Co., Ltd., the technological transformation and expansion project put into operation this time has invested a total of 5.0 million yuan to support the development of strategic emerging industries, built a new 36000 bottle/hour packaging production line that is currently the most advanced in China, and equipped with the most advanced in the world. 4. Experiments with prompts can improve speed and promote efficiency. The empty bottle inspection machine and stamping machine produced by Krones company in Germany, While other saccharification equipment, fermentation tanks, sake tanks, fine filters and other production equipment all use the current world-class beer automatic control equipment, but Ningwu has achieved the industry-leading level of products with its exquisite and dedicated "craftsman spirit", which has the current leading level of the domestic beer industry

Yanjing Beer (Baotou Xuelu) Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Beijing Yanjing Beer Group and Baotou Xuelu brewery, which competed with the giant of Western China at the end of 2001. Yanjing Beer Group has invested 160million yuan in Xuelu company, with a cumulative increase of 12.89 million yuan in profits and 33.32 million yuan in taxes. Its products are sold to Ningxia, Shaanxi, Hebei and other places

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