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Changxinshengtong's new products are about to be launched, accompanied by the continuous growth and upgrading of enterprises.

enterprises need to use the management software system scientifically if they want to upgrade the brand smoothly. Scientific use starts with selecting the good management system software. How to choose the specific one? The following three points need to be carefully considered

first, enterprises that pay attention to the future development are bound by them

an enterprise is a living body, an individual with spiritual power and will continue to grow. In contrast, most tools are in a solidified mechanical state. After a period of development, such tools often cannot continue to provide great value for enterprise development management, and some even become obstacles

like an office with a fixed environment, both the need for staff expansion and the desire to improve quality will be greatly limited. Although the cost of upgrading the office space is not small, it is still relatively easy. It is just a move of furniture and people. Even if you are too lazy to do it, you can quickly solve it by hiring a moving company. It is not so easy to move the intangible assets of the company. Where are these intangible assets stored? They are all in all kinds of software, large and small

second, use software with the same growth as enterprises

the original intention of enterprises to use software to assist work is the same, that is, to liberate manpower, improve efficiency, and use programming to supplement human deficiencies, mainly including solving the storage and analysis of massive data, and avoiding the loss of resources caused by personnel mobility. After using various application management software, these problems have indeed been effectively solved, but with the continuous development of enterprises, new problems also follow. With the development of electronic technology and the improvement of servo electromechanical performance, the relocation of huge data is much more difficult than moving tables and chairs

to solve these problems, we should start from the source, that is, the fundamental means is to use the right software. Enterprises that pay attention to the future development should choose the same growth application management software. Such a software system will continue to apply cutting-edge technology to products, provide users with a better experience through active self-renewal iteration, and meet the constantly upgrading management application needs of enterprises

third, opening + connection enables enterprise management to create greater value

it is not enough to only have the characteristics of self-growth. In the process of enterprise development and growth, the company's business and institutions will become complex. A single software product is difficult to meet all needs, and after using multiple professional products, there will be information cracks, and interoperability and cooperation has become a big problem. For example, customer management, office OA, sales management, customer service, etc. for example, customer service is divided into customer service, customer service, etc. professional product providers can be found for each function, but each product is an island, and enterprise management can only walk between these islands

islands need to be connected, which can create magical chemical reactions. Software and software, channels and channels should be cut off. Once connected, it will help enterprise management make a qualitative leap. Enterprises can realize this connection through an open system platform, manage the information of different business departments and different collaboration links, comprehensively master the key data information of the enterprise, and further mine effective information, so that management can play a greater value

there are a lot of baras, and you may not know that I'm going to advertise. In that case, let me make it clear now:

Changxin new products are about to be launched, and a comprehensive solution believes that in the future, it will develop enterprise informatization in terms of longer life and no protection. The universal experimental machine (auto parts experimental machine) produced by Shanghai Yihuan instrument is widely used in rubber, plastics, textiles, wires and cables, composite materials, leather The three advantages of experimental management, upgrade demand, sales management, and sales management of non-metallic materials such as waterproof coiled materials, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles, paper, and metal materials such as metal wires, metal foils, metal plates, and metal bars for mechanical properties such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, peeling, and tearing tell you why enterprises that pay attention to the future development should choose Changxin:

I Growth ability

Changxin has gathered a group of experienced R & D personnel. All products are independently developed, and 16 professional intellectual property rights have been obtained. More intellectual property rights are being applied for review. A strong R & D team is the guarantee for the continuous and rapid growth of products. Enterprises can easily realize the upgrading of software systems by using Changxin products, and Changxin products will grow together with users

second, multi-channel

in addition to the traditional strong and SMS channels, Changxin new products will continue to strengthen the access ability of customer service channels. Customer service station and customer service are the two mainstream consultation channels. After being connected, it can cover the vast majority of customer groups of enterprises, and greatly improve the ability of enterprises to centrally manage customers

III. open docking

Changxin has worked in the field of enterprise communication applications for many years, serving customers in most popular industries, and has accumulated a wealth of industry personalized demand cases, which can quickly connect with third-party application platforms. The new product, Changxin, will be ready to play, providing users with a comprehensive open docking solution, allowing information flow and interoperability, and realizing enterprise management collaboration

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