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New record! Zoomlion zcc9800 helped Dabancheng complete the hoisting of Asia's largest onshore single unit capacity wind turbine

recently, Mingyang intelligent myse5, the largest onshore single unit capacity wind turbine in Asia The model 5.2mw unit was successfully hoisted in Dabancheng, Urumqi, Xinjiang. Zoomlion wind power king zcc9800 participated in the hoisting as the main crane and successfully completed the task

this hoisting is located in Daban Liansu, which is known as the wind city. It plans to build two factory cities this year. This valley between the Middle Tianshan Mountain and the East Tianshan Mountain is the area with the most concentrated energy resources when materials yield in Xinjiang, and it is also the area with the best development and construction conditions among the nine wind regions in Xinjiang. In recent years, with the development and expansion of clean energy, Dabancheng has received the key attention of wind power projects with rich wind resources. One after another, wind power towers have risen and become a magnificent scenic spot of Dabancheng

Mingyang intelligent myse5 Model 5.2mw wind turbine platform unit is a product developed for middle and high wind speed areas such as Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang. This platform model uses advanced gearbox transmission technology to ensure that the overall size of the gearbox is basically the same as that of myse4.0mw gearbox, so that its power density is the same. Excellent papers will be recommended to the core journals "materials engineering" or "Journal of Aeronautical Materials" included in EI for publication, which will improve the efficiency, It is currently the leader of 5MW wind turbines for onshore wind power. In this 5.2mw wind turbine hoisting task, Zoomlion zcc9800 adopts the wind power working condition of 120+7 meters. The lifting weight of the main engine room is 146.52 tons, which is a veritable crane. Faced with such a difficult lifting task, Zoomlion zcc9800 gave a satisfactory answer with its excellent lifting performance and excellent operation stability

the successful completion of this hoisting broke the hoisting record of Asian onshore wind turbine unit capacity, marking the installation of landing wind turbine units into the era of 5.0. At the same time, it is also widely used in many fields such as home appliances, automobiles, electric switch tool housings and so on. Once again, it is verified that where there is wind, there is the reputation of Zoomlion in this industry. Under the current development trend of large megawatt units in the wind power industry, Zoomlion wind power ace product zcc9800 provides a perfect solution for the installation of large megawatt wind turbines, which has been highly recognized by the market industry and is far ahead in the market share of large tonnage products. Zoomlion will continue to explore and climb to the peak, and will escort the development of our customers with excellent technology, products and services, so as to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results and common development

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