Causes and prevention of the hottest engine runawa

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Causes and prevention of engine "runaway"

the main causes of engine "runaway" are: engine governor failure or stuck in high-speed position; Excess fuel or engine oil enters the intake pipe, such as the oil level of the wet air filter is too high or the preheating plug valve burning diesel fails. When the engine "flies", the following measures should be taken quickly: first, stop oil supply. Quickly pull the speed regulating handle to the stop oil supply position, and then pull the fire extinguishing rod to the off position to measure the fire. If it doesn't work, you can use a wrench to unscrew the nut of the high-pressure oil pipe. (only for single cylinder engine), stop the oil supply and shut down the engine. 2、 Stop the air supply. Wrap the air inlet of the air filter tightly with cotton cloth or multi-layer plastic cloth to make the engine flameout due to lack of oxygen (this method is only used for engines with well sealed air inlet system). 3、 Decompression. Quickly pull the pressure reducing handle of the engine to the pressure reducing position, so that the engine stalls because there is no simultaneous compression in the protection precautions of the electrohydraulic servo universal testing machine. 4、 Increase the load. When the tractor engine is speeding, do not step on the clutch, but firmly step on the brake springboard to increase the load of the engine and make the engine stall due to overload. Scientists use Blender's above measures, which can be used alone or in combination, and should be applied according to specific circumstances. The general principle is: in case of "speeding", the engine will shut down quickly to reduce or avoid losses

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