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On March 17, 2010, the 10th Western China International Equipment Manufacturing Expo was grandly held in the ancient city of Xi'an. The Expo attracted more than 1200 automation and equipment manufacturing enterprises from 16 countries and regions including China, Germany, France and Switzerland, including the largest special computer enterprise, Yanxiang group, Yanxiang group has participated in the Western Manufacturing Expo, the first exhibition of western industry, for the tenth consecutive time

Yanxiang booth

Wang Yingqi (middle), vice president of Yanxiang group and manager of the total investment scope of the northwest region, was invited to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the opening ceremony

as a national independent innovation benchmarking enterprise, Yanxiang's recent scientific research achievements, including nearly 20 products such as embedded machine products, embedded motherboards, CPCI products, automation products, etc., were mainly displayed at this Expo, The most eye-catching product is the fourth generation product of Yanxiang polar Kuba, jnb-1404. Jnb-1404 inherits the characteristics of reinforced notebook falling proof and water-proof. At the same time, it has built-in Intel Core dual core processor, which has superior performance and powerful information processing function. The waterproof system is specially designed to prevent 360 degrees of water from dripping when it is turned on. It works at a wide temperature and has an ultra long standby time of more than 4 hours

Yanxiang polar Kuba's fourth generation product jnb-1404

Xi'an has now entered the ranks of international metropolises, and the construction of urban rail transit is also stepping up. For this purpose, Yanxiang group has specially exhibited a low-power fan free embedded machine product erc-1003 for subway AFC control. This machine is suitable for Intel low-power Celero, and also provides various equipment information, N-M or pentium-m Series CPU, 12 serial ports, 8 USB, 32 channel digital i/o, support vga+lvds dual display, support 4MB nvra to make up for the gap in production and utilization, m nonvolatile memory, support 9~36v DC input, and also can be directly input through 220V AC adapter. Erc-1003 has stable performance, and has been widely used in AFC systems of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou Metro

the microcomputer processing chip in Yanxiang Metro AFC control is used to collect, analyze and calculate data erc-1003

at this Manufacturing Expo, Yanxiang Automation Division also launched a number of measurement and control machine products, which are more in line with the needs of modern equipment manufacturing industry. Among them, the measurement and control integrated machine aeq-2831 wall mounted 10.4 can touch the human-machine interface, 48 point on-site measurement automation equipment measurement and control integrated machine, wide temperature The silent fully embedded wall mounted system design is suitable for industrial applications in harsh environments. It integrates acquisition, control, communication and display, forming its own control system. 16 bit high-resolution 16 channel analog sampling channel and rich intelligent sensor interfaces. Optical isolation 16 channel switching value acquisition and 16 channel relay output channel. Wired and wireless gprs/cdma communication network function. The free and efficient configuration environment greatly improves the efficiency of customer secondary development

Yanxiang group will, as always, adhere to its own brand and independent innovation to provide better special computer products and solutions for the upgrading of the automation industry in the western region

measurement and control all-in-one machine aeq-2831

sign in desk distribution data

Xi'an salesperson communicates with customers

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