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North China industrial control has launched a new atom e6xx level computer module that conforms to the qsseven specification

North China industrial control has complied with the market trend and launched a small-size system core module som-6670 that conforms to the qsseven specification. This product is mainly designed for portable and mobile applications. Based on Intel Atom e6xx series processors, the maximum power consumption of CPU is 3.9w, which is stronger in size, power consumption and scalability of the most suitable automotive raw materials, It can promote various mobile and automation applications, and can be widely used in mobile measurement, logistics POS, and reinforced mobile devices

small size

the som-6670 developed by North China industrial control meets the qseven specification, is compact, meets the 70 mm x 70 mm module standard, and can meet the strong demand of mobile portable devices

low power consumption

som-6670 is not only small in size, but also low in power consumption. This product is based on Intel Atom e6xx series processor, with 512MB DDRII 667/800mhz system memory on board. It has ultra-low power consumption and high density, and can meet the diversified i/o requirements of the board


som-6670 can provide the following signals through golden finger expansion: sdvo and LVDS two-way display signals. Now it seems that there are six USB signals, and the system storage supports two SATA signals, one standard SDIO signal, and one group of Gigabit Ethernet signals. At the same time, the expandable bus includes had bus signal *1, LPC bus signal *1, I2C bus signal *1. S China is still in the process of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization At the stage of in-depth development of internationalization, MBus bus signal *1, PCIe bus signal *3

product features:

◆ embedded Intel Atom processor e6xx series processor, maximum support for 1.6GHz dominant frequency

◆ 512MB DDR2 onboard system memory

◆ support for 3 pciex1,1 LPC and 1 SDIO

◆ support for 2 SATA, 6 USB, HD audio, 1 GBE

North China industrial control this product is the first solution for portable devices with small shape but requiring low-power flame-retardant PP materials to better meet product demand and reduce production costs. At present, it has passed strict tests. For more details about this product, please check the official website of North China industrial control:

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