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On February 13 and 14, Peng Zhaofeng, general manager of hesteel group, visited hesteel Xuangang and hesteel Xuangong for investigation and guidance. He stressed that we should pay close attention to the annual goals and tasks, further emancipate the mind, connect with the high-end, tap deep potential, firmly implement the measures, firmly exclude the measurement of the perpendicularity of the center line and the measurement of the perpendicularity of the side line, promote product upgrading and structural adjustment, and ensure new breakthroughs in all work in 2017

group leaders Zhang Hai, Wang Zhumin and Chi Guiyou participated in the research and put forward specific requirements in combination with their work in charge

Peng Zhaofeng emphasized on the work of Xuanhua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. in 2017 that we should focus on the annual goals and tasks and thoroughly implement measures. Further emancipate the mind, strengthen confidence, learn from the business philosophy of Hegang Degao, and make efforts to innovate ideas and change ideas. It is necessary to further clarify the development positioning, give full play to the market dominance and regional sales advantages, innovate the marketing mode, adopt flexible business strategies, and effectively improve the product price, which is the weathervane and touchstone for the inspection of business work. We should carefully plan the development ideas of non steel industry, make good use of existing advantageous resources and industries, actively cooperate with powerful enterprises, and expand and extend the industrial chain to high-tech industries

Peng Zhaofeng stressed that we should resolutely implement the requirements of the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and the provincial SASAC and the strategic decisions of the group, complete the task of capacity reduction to the letter, and unswervingly achieve structural adjustment. Xuanhua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has an arduous task of reducing production capacity, which is not only a rigid requirement, but also a rare opportunity to achieve transformation and development. We should completely overturn the traditional thinking of winning by quantity, aim at the high end, further optimize the variety structure, improve the product grade, and enhance our competitive advantage

Peng Zhaofeng stressed that we should further strengthen the efforts to tap potential and reduce costs, so that every unit can become an efficiency generating unit; Further optimize internal process flow, strengthen logistics cost control, strengthen energy control, and strive to create low-cost advantages; Further strengthen capital control and do everything possible to ensure the safety of the capital chain; Further strengthen safety awareness and safety management, pay close attention to safety and environmental protection, and take informatization as a strong support to provide a strong guarantee for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises

Peng Zhaofeng emphasized that we should firmly establish the brand awareness of the publicity of Hegang for the next work. In the current environment of equipment manufacturing, we must improve the market share and brand influence, and pay attention to the brand cultivation of core parts. Not only the good processing formability of the host machine can be completed, but also the brand of parts. We should give full play to the company's machinery manufacturing capabilities and advantages, further clarify the enterprise positioning, and make the reducer and other component products into industry benchmarks without water, acid and other mixtures. We should strengthen the adjustment of product structure, take improving the variety and quality of stamping parts as a breakthrough, and plan the processing of other mechanical stamping parts to improve the product grade and service field of the enterprise. We should strive to promote all business sectors, seize the new opportunities for high-end casting development brought by the national improvement of environmental protection level and the large demand of steel structure manufacturing market, and enter the fields of complex steel component processing. We should strengthen the docking with Hegang Steel Research and other units to jointly speed up the research and development of steel for construction machinery of the group

PENG Zhaofeng stressed that we should attach great importance to product quality. To effectively improve the quality target positioning, we should not only meet the standards of the construction machinery industry, but also aim at the highest domestic and international standards, so as to provide guarantee for improving product grade, adjusting product structure and developing high-end customers. We should make our products to the extreme and constantly improve our own standards and requirements. In the process of strengthening the specific implementation of quality control, we should correctly deal with the dialectical relationship between improving standards and reducing costs, establish the corresponding quality objective assessment mechanism, improve the quality awareness of all staff, and effectively improve the enterprise efficiency and product level

during the investigation, Peng Zhaofeng and his party also went to the Xuangang and Xuangong production sites of Hegang to make a field investigation, and listened to the relevant reports. (this article is from Hegang)

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