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The heads of the coating industry of the twelve countries jointly discussed the development plan

the heads of the coating industry of the twelve countries jointly discussed the development plan

September 28, 2004

the eighth Asian Coating Industry Conference (APIC), hosted by the China Coating Industry Association and co organized by Shanghai coating Co., Ltd., was held in Beijing on the morning of September 20. Andrew Doyle, Secretary General of the international paint and Ink Council, President of the American paint industry association, and ohiko Ohira, convener of the Asia Pacific paint Council and President of the Japan paint industry association, and other leaders of paint associations and industry organizations from 12 countries and regions in the world gathered to discuss the development plan of the Asia Pacific paint industry

Wang Zhuo, President of China Paint Industry Association, delivered a welcome speech as the representative of the host country. Yang Huan, vice president of China Paint Industry Association, and Zhu Chuan, consultant?} On behalf of the Chinese coating industry, he made a report on the steady development of China's coating industry. Another member of APIC in China, Zhang Junzhi, chairman of the coating professional committee of the Chinese society of chemical industry, also gave 1 Linear speed of grinding wheel: 12 m/s seat out of the meeting

a total of 45 delegates attended the meeting. The gross profit rate of copper foil products of their company increased by 10.33 percentage points year-on-year, including Jane schotton, Secretary General of the European Union Coating Association, Choi Kwong Nam, chairman of the Korean coating industry association, Zhang Desheng, chairman of the Taiwan, China coating industry association, and the chairmen of the coating industry association in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand, India and other countries and regions. Barbarabrunet, editor in chief of ECJ magazine in Germany, a famous international coating magazine, and representatives of Japanese coating news and China chemical industry news attended the meeting. Zhouguoxiang, general manager of Shanghai paint Co., Ltd., also attended the meeting as a representative of the co organizer

the topics of this session mainly include three parts. First, nine national coating associations, including China, Japan, the United States and Europe, reported the development of coating industry in various countries; The second is to exchange the development of coating care; Third, countries have released papers on new technologies and achievements of coatings. Six papers, including "synthetic properties and application of waterborne polyurethane associating thickener" of Changzhou paint Chemical Research Institute, "overview of coiled material coating" of Shanghai paint Co., Ltd., and "Application of molecular distillation in the separation of free TDI" of Shanghai Huasheng Chemical Co., Ltd., reflect the latest level of paint development in China

Founded in 1995, APIC is a member of IPPIC. It is led by JPMA to hold a meeting every year. Its demand in the Indian market is expected to exceed 4million tons; in the meantime. This session is the highest specification international coating conference hosted by the Chinese coating industry

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