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On the morning of October 13, at the invitation of the chairman of the group and the pharmaceutical glass company, a group of five people from Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group came to the pharmaceutical glass company for on-site inspection, and conducted detailed consultation and understanding on the process, raw materials, quality inspection, storage, certification and other aspects of the pharmaceutical glass products. Wang Wenhai, general manager of Jingfeng company, zuxuebin, general manager of pharmaceutical glass, and others were accompanied by the reception. Tianwenshun, chairman of the board, attended the reception luncheon

after visiting the decoration company along the way, the delegation went straight to the pharmaceutical glass company and visited the first workshop, the second workshop and the newly put into production new area Japanese glass workshop. The members of the delegation were the general manager in charge of quality, procurement and production of the pharmaceutical group and the general manager of Xinya company, a subsidiary of the group. During the visit, everyone had a detailed understanding of these aspects, and the relevant principals of packaging, quality inspection and production accompanied by President Wang and President Zu gave introductions and explanations. After coming out of the production workshop, the visiting group inspected the finished medicine glass greenhouse on the spot, consulted in detail about the storage capacity of medicine glass and the packaging of finished products, and discussed the best packaging method in combination with their own reality

at the subsequent symposium, general manager Wang Wenhai introduced the history, scale and product situation of Jinghua group, and focused on the construction, capacity scale and development situation of pharmaceutical glass. At the same time, he realistically put forward the shortcomings of pharmaceutical glass in quality and supply capacity, saying that at present, Jinghua's hollow glass brick has achieved the largest in the world, the wine bottle is leading in the country, has nearly 10000 employees, and has a very strong sense of society, Although the new drug glass has just been established for more than a year 4 Brightness mediation should not be too big or too small. It needs to be run in and improved in terms of production, management and operation habits. However, through continuous development and the group's key attention and support, YAOBO will show stronger competitiveness in all aspects. We hope that Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group will give in-depth guidance, communicate and negotiate more, and strive to reach an agreement as soon as possible and realize cooperation as soon as possible. And arrange the heads of relevant departments of pharmaceutical glass to answer the questions raised by the members of the visiting group in terms of quality inspection, feedback, certification and batch division, treatment of unqualified products, production change, etc. The delegation was very satisfied with the plant appearance, hardware facilities and storage conditions of the pharmaceutical glass company, and put forward communication opinions on future cooperation

at the reception luncheon, Tian wenshun, chairman of the group, had an in-depth and friendly conversation with the members of the visiting group on the recovery of the international market, and looked forward to the bright prospects of cooperation between the two sides. The banquet atmosphere was warm, and the visiting leaders showed a positive attitude and good wishes in terms of cooperation

the predecessor of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group is Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Corporation, which was restructured and established by the former affiliated enterprises of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Administration in October 1996, and further restructured into a diversified investment Shanghai Pharmaceutical (Group) Co., Ltd. in September 2002. At present, the company has developed into a large enterprise group integrating science, industry and trade. With nearly 30000 employees and a registered capital of 3.158 billion yuan, it is a large domestic A-share listed pharmaceutical company covering the whole industrial chain of pharmaceutical R & D and manufacturing, distribution and retail, and a leading enterprise in the development of biomedical industry in Shanghai. With total assets of 18.079 billion yuan, the company has the Central Research Institute, 3 national technology centers and 14 provincial (municipal) technology centers. It has successfully developed 277 national new drugs and applied for more than 10 national major scientific and technological projects of "major new drug creation". It has a number of core manufacturing enterprises such as Xinyi, Guangdong techpool, leading biochemistry, Xinya, Changyao, medicinal materials, Qingdao Guofeng, Huqingyutang, Zhengda qingqingbao, and produces products in the fields of chemical agents, biological agents, traditional Chinese medicine and health care products, chemical APIs, and more than 20 well-known brands including Chinese well-known trademarks such as Xinyi, Leishi, Longhu, and cardiovascular, anti infection, digestive system, nervous system 20 products worth more than 100 million were sold in anti-tumor and other treatment fields. The distribution scale is the largest in East China and Shanghai, and the second in China. The distribution channels are all over 30 provinces and cities in China. It has established important partnership with 36 of the world's top 50 pharmaceutical multinational companies and 91 of the domestic top 100 pharmaceutical enterprises. It has 10 logistics bases and nearly 2000 retail chain pharmacies in 8 provinces and cities in China

the company had no business cooperation with the pharmaceutical glass company before. Through one-year development and research by salespersons, in June this year, the pharmaceutical glass company selected 50000 bottles and sent them to the company. Under the arrangement and invitation of general manager Tian, on October 13, the other party appointed several leaders to visit the pharmaceutical glass company as scheduled. The company has very strict quality requirements. After direct negotiation between the two sides, both sides have expressed good cooperation intentions. At present, the pharmaceutical glass company is studying and rectifying the relevant issues raised by Shanghai pharmaceutical, and conducting further in-depth consultations on the next cooperation matters

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