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Leaders of the hardware association attended the annual meeting of Shandong hardware and weighing apparatus industry association

on March 19, on the occasion of the successful conclusion of the national two sessions, the 2019 annual work conference of Shandong hardware and weighing apparatus industry association and the national light industry tool hardware supervision and testing center were grandly held in Jinan. Shi senglan, director of China Hardware Association, Qiu Qingsen, party secretary and director of Shandong light industry collective enterprise association, Wang Xuhua, deputy director of the General Department of China Light Industry Federation, Li Quan, director of the Certification Department of Shandong market supervision bureau, Wang Xinsheng, director of the industrial policy department of Shandong Provincial Department of industry and information technology, yuan Zonggui, chairman of the light textile trade union of Shandong Federation of trade unions, Kong Linglei, 2018 rotating chairman of the association and chairman of the board of directors of Meide group More than 80 leaders and guests attended the meeting, including Bian Xiaonan, chairman in turn in 2019 and vice president of Taishan sports industry group, Yu Xingjiang, chairman in turn in 2020 and chairman of Weihai Liyu Industrial Co., Ltd., and Ji xuju, executive chairman. The meeting was presided over by Ji xunju

Shi Senlan, director of China Hardware Association, affirmed the success of the meeting. Shi Senlan said that Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong and Zhejiang are the four major hardware industry cities in China, and each has its own advantages in development. There are many leading enterprises in the traditional hardware industry in Shandong Province, and the industrial foundation is solid, but efforts need to be strengthened in emerging industries. In the context of the new era and industrial upgrading, policies should be further implemented and mastered in 2019. Under the guidance of industrial policies such as supply side structural reform, made in China 2025, and the three product strategy, samples should be preserved under the specified warm test to the experiment. In view of the currently exposed problems of unstable quality, irregular market, and services, new technologies and materials should be further used to improve quality and services, Strengthen the R & D and application of core technologies, the selection of core components, and the research of industrial design, further connect the industrial chain, improve the standard system, strive to meet the practical, fashionable and convenient needs of consumers, and continue to meet the needs of consumers for a better life

the unveiling ceremony of the national light industry tool and hardware quality supervision and testing center was also held at the meeting. Director Qiu Qingsen, deputy director Wang Xuhua and director Li Quan delivered speeches and read out the establishment approval document of China Light Industry Federation. Subsequently, the leaders and guest representatives participating in the meeting jointly launched the unveiling of the electronic screen and announced the official establishment of the national light industry tool and hardware quality supervision and testing center in Jinan. Chairman yuanzonggui of Shandong light textile trade union read out the "decision on awarding the honorary title of enriching the people and rejuvenating Lu to Comrade Teng Weibing" of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, and vice chairman Shaoxiang of the Provincial Association read out the "decision on commending advanced individuals in the hardware industry of Shandong Province in 2018" and other documents; Chairman Shi Shenglan, director Wang Xinsheng, director Qiu Qingsen and other participating leaders awarded the second batch of national manufacturing single champion certificates and plaques to Jinan Meide group, Taishan sports industry group and Wendeng Weili tool group, which were cultivated and recommended by the Provincial Association, reviewed and reported by the former provincial economic and Information Commission, and approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology, recommended to the Provincial Association, reviewed and approved by the Provincial Light Industry collective association Comrade Teng Weibing, approved by the Shandong Federation of trade unions, awarded the medal of honor for enriching the people and rejuvenating Lu. On behalf of the Provincial Association, Ji xunju, the executive chairman of the association, made a "2018 association work report" to the participating leaders and enterprise representatives, and reported on the 2019 work plan of the association. Kong Linglei, the 2018 rotating president and chairman of Meide group, was invited to give a keynote speech on Intelligent Manufacturing in the hardware industry. Then, hole 7 With a completely closed protective order, chairman Lei and the Association 2, the total industrial output value and total sales of the whole industry have reached more than 50 billion yuan. Bian Xiaonan, the rotating president in 019, and the deputy general manager, delivered an impromptu speech to take over the rotating president

Ji xunju, executive president of the association, said when summing up the meeting on behalf of the association: today's meeting was successfully completed with the cordial guidance of leaders at all levels and the strong support of member enterprises. Leaders at all levels highly affirmed the past work of the association and put forward ardent hopes and requirements for future work, which is not only a warm encouragement to us, but also a powerful spur to us. Under the leadership of the rotating president, all the staff of the association will do a good job in serving enterprises, serving as a bridge between enterprises and the government, and working together with member enterprises to work hard for a better tomorrow of the hardware industry in the province

the 2019 annual work conference of Shandong hardware and weighing apparatus industry association affirmed that the industry of Shandong hardware and weighing apparatus industry association played a role of link and Bridge last year, driving the development of the whole industry. Set new goals for this year's work, clarify the development direction of the industry, and constantly improve the branding of enterprises and the professional development of individuals. In the transformation of supply side structural reform, improve the competitiveness of the industry. In order to build a large, strong, beautiful, rich and connected society, extruders are one of the machines in China's plastic machine foreign trade market, which is second only to the import of injection molding machines. New Shandong contributes

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