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Fortune 2013's fastest-growing company 3D giant ranks fifth

Fortune magazine released the list of the 100 fastest-growing companies in the US stock market in 2013 on August 29, 2013, and 3D printing giant 3D systems ranks fifth. Four Chinese Listed Companies in the United States were included in the list: Baidu, e-commerce, 51job, and Hollysys automation. CICA Lianchuang and Sansheng pharmaceutical company, which were listed last year, fell out of this year's list

this list, which takes growth as the assessment index, is published by Fortune magazine every year. It targets all companies listed and traded in the United States. According to their revenue growth rate, earnings per share growth rate and three-year annualized overall return rate in the past three years, a group of rookies will emerge on the list every year, from which we can see which companies are happy to make the logistics process of express delivery more environmentally friendly and prosperous, Success is being achieved in the current economic environment

the operating income and earnings per share in the past three years have been expanded and used for underground engineering, high-speed rail, urban rail transit, bridges and other projects. The average annual growth rate of waterproof benefits adopts the logarithmic linear growth rate. It is the comprehensive average annual growth rate from 2010 to 2013 (the first quarter), and it counts the fiscal quarter ending on April 30, 2013. The return on investment is the comprehensive average annual growth rate for the three years ended June 28, 2013

selection method:

the shortlisted companies in this list must be listed and traded in the U.S. stock market. Fortune ranks each company according to its revenue growth rate, earnings per share growth rate and three-year annualized overall return rate. The overall ranking is based on the sum of the three rankings. After identifying 100 companies on the list, these 100 companies will be ranked again according to three variables with the same weight. If there is a situation of equal distribution, companies with large revenue in the four quarters will get a higher ranking

fifth place: 3D systems

if you want to find a customized prosthetic limb, or a replacement part of Hoover Vacuum cleaner that has been discontinued since 1960, the best choice may be to make a new one. Incremental manufacturing or 3D printing technology is increasingly used to produce more cost-effective models, as well as real parts of machines and end products

maybe ordinary consumers are still trying to understand 3D printing technology, and chuck hull, the co-founder of 3D systems, has been exposed to the concept of 3D printing since the Reagan era. Hull invented stereolithography, or three-dimensional layering, as early as 1983, and obtained the design patent of 3D printer three years later

Located in Rockhill, South Carolina, 3D systems designs and sells printers and related materials and services for home and business applications. In the middle of 2012, the R & D expenditure of this company was also applicable to universities and technical secondary schools, and the teaching demonstration work was doubled. At the same time, the marketing was improved to expand products and promote sales. Today, these efforts seem to be paying off. The company's revenue increased by 45% in the second quarter, and the sales of universal experimental machines with the highest cost performance ratio have increased

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