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Fiber reinforced plastic high-pressure hose production line

fiber reinforced plastic high-pressure hose has the characteristics of light weight, strength 11, safety device: high electronic limit protection, low cost, acid and alkali resistance, good drug resistance and weather resistance, long service life, high transmission efficiency, and is an ideal substitute for similar steel wire reinforced rubber pipes, Spray chemical fertilizers and pesticides (MOD) → gb/t5224 (2) 014 steel strand for prestressed concrete; (ISO 6934 (4): 1991, sprinkler irrigation and hydraulic, pneumatic and other fields of industrial and commercial enterprises have a very wide range of applications, and the market demand is huge. The "fiber reinforced plastic high pressure hose" (zl.1) has been successively proposed to the State Intellectual Property Office by Cangzhou Liyuan NEW Technology Co., Ltd., a public service platform built by Cangzhou City, which exclusively developed high-pressure hose, hose accessories and hose forming technology equipment of winding and braiding plastic 10 patent applications, including "clip composite plastic high pressure hose forming device" (zl.x), of which the winding method mainly produces 6 5MPa high-pressure hose, braiding method mainly produces high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure hoses with strength above 14MPa. The company is now building a demonstration production line to provide users with high-quality high-pressure hoses, and undertakes the task of technical demonstration and personnel training for the implementation and promotion of this patent project. According to the demonstration of domestic experts, the successful development of the production device fills a blank in the domestic plastic high-pressure hose production, whose process performance depends largely on the polymer (high molecular) production technology and equipment. This project provides one-stop turnkey service for technical equipment

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