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Free floating ball drain valve

the structure of free floating ball drain valve is simple. There is only a stainless steel hollow floating ball with fine grinding of moving parts inside. It is both a float and a hoist, without vulnerable parts, and has a long service life. The "silver ball" brand drain valve is equipped with Y-series automatic air exhaust device, which is very sensitive, can automatically exhaust air, and has high work quality

when the equipment is just started, the air in the pipeline is discharged through the Y-series automatic air exhaust device, and the low-temperature condensate enters the drain valve. The liquid level of the condensate rises, the floating ball rises, the valve opens, the condensate is discharged quickly, and the steam enters the equipment quickly. The precision technology is a group of tolerance values specially set up, and the equipment heats up rapidly. The temperature sensing liquid of the Y-series automatic air exhaust device expands, and the automatic air exhaust device is closed. The steam trap starts to work normally, and the floating ball rises and falls with the condensate level, blocking steam and draining water. The valve seat of the free floating ball trap is always below the liquid level, forming a water seal, no steam leakage, and good energy-saving effect. At least because the flexible packaging material is mainly high molecular polymer or its related materials, the working pressure is 0.01Mpa. When it is suitable to be conditioned from 0, tighten the four screws on the carriage Do you know the technical points and utilization of the non relaxation testing machine within the range of 01mpa to the maximum operating pressure? The following is a detailed introduction to the impact of temperature and working pressure fluctuations on these two issues, continuous drainage. It can discharge condensate at saturated temperature, with a minimum undercooling of 0 ℃, and there is no water in the heating equipment, so that the heating equipment can achieve the best heat exchange efficiency. The back pressure rate is greater than 85%. It is one of the most ideal traps for production process heating equipment

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