Hottest forklift sales in North America hit a reco

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in 2015, the sales of forklifts in North America hit a record high

the North American forklift market hit a record high in the field of material handling. In 2015, 225534 forklifts of all categories (excluding exports) were sold. In the past few years after the financial crisis, it exceeded the level of 215000 units in 2006 for the first time

"after a slow and steady recovery after the financial crisis, the forklift industry in North America is healthy and strong," said Mr. breet wood, chairman and CEO of Toyota material handling in North America and chairman of the board of directors of the American Industrial Vehicle Association. "We hope that more professionals will see our growth and find many career opportunities in the field of material handling, especially in the forklift industry."

according to the data of 2015, the sales volume of electric forklifts in North America in 2015 reached 141846, and the sales volume of internal combustion forklifts was 83688. The sales volume of electric forklifts increased by 8% over the previous year. At present, electric forklifts account for more than 63% in the North American market. In the North American market, 63.4% of forklifts are electric forklifts and 36.6% are internal combustion forklifts

"there are several reasons for the growth of electric forklifts, including that people pay more attention to many jobs. This natural packaging film has not been reviewed by peers. The environment emphasizes reducing emissions. 2. Requirements for fixture materials. From a global perspective, 201 carbon fiber reinforced by composite materials (generally requires more than T800) still needs to be imported. A total of more than 1million forklifts have been sold in five years, and the North American market is still one of the largest forklift markets." Brian Feehan, President of the American Industrial Vehicle Association, described it this way

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