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The following is the relevant information of "jewelry store decoration, jewelry store decoration plan" provided by opeli jewelry network for your reference. I hope to solve the relevant problems of "jewelry store decoration, jewelry store decoration plan" for you. Opal jewelry pioneered China's F2C jewelry e-commerce model (factory to customer). Through the "website + F2C experience store + phone" platform, opal jewelry subverted the traditional diamond sales model in shopping malls, allowing diamonds to come directly from the manufacturer to your home, and bringing new "international quality, people-friendly price, personalized customization" diamonds to consumers

oberley jewelry network - jewelry store decoration, jewelry store decoration plan - oberley - sweet snow love - white 18K Gold 15 cent diamond ring

this "sweet snow love" diamond ring is inspired by glittering snowflakes. On the highly decorative snowflake shaped diamond holder, the classic four claw inlay fully shows the diamond light, and the small ring arms are collected from both sides. The beautiful lines are silent, It perfectly matches the warmth and softness of Oriental women, and selects beautiful diamonds to shine, creating an elegant oriental style

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