How to choose a suitable solid wood floor

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How to choose a suitable solid wood floor

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solid wood flooring has the advantages of no pollution, natural and beautiful patterns, pleasing wood color, strong texture, adjusting indoor temperature and humidity (warm in winter and cool in summer), activating people's thinking frequency and so on. Some woods also have a healthy and calming aroma, giving people a feeling of "returning to nature and returning to simplicity". They are the most popular floor decoration materials for consumers

purchase points:

1. Do what you can and define your position

solid wood mortise floor can be divided into painted board and plain board. Consumers should decide whether to choose painted board or plain board according to their own economic conditions and aesthetic taste

2. Understand the variety, performance and color of flooring materials, and don't blindly follow the trend of fashion

the main color should be well coordinated with the decoration style of the room as far as possible. In terms of materials, we should pay attention to whether the properties of materials are stable, the hardness is moderate, and whether the explicit wood name is consistent with the actual wood. We must not be confused by the "good name" and "common name" in the market, that is, we should pay attention to the authenticity of materials, so as to avoid passing inferior goods off as good ones, and confusing the fake with the real. If the name of wood is involved, ask the merchant for a valid material identification report

3. Evaluation of machining accuracy and appearance grade

the quality of processing accuracy and material grade directly affects the effect of floor laying, which must be strictly controlled. You can randomly select several floors and assemble them on a flat base. Touch the height of the joint with your hand and observe the size of the joint with your naked eyes

4. Choose the appropriate moisture content

moisture content is the most important indicator of the internal quality of the floor. It is better to choose about 12% in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. Too high is easy to cause expansion and deformation, and too low is easy to cause dry shrinkage and joint separation

5. The key to choose the products of flooring enterprises that have the conditions and ability to continuously produce qualified products depends on whether they have a production license for wood flooring

since 2004, the state has successively issued production licenses to some enterprises with quality assurance ability, which is one of the important prerequisites for consumers to identify quality

6. Ask the manufacturer to send professionals to lay and select products with a certain brand, scale and after-sales service guarantee




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