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The whole house tells you the meaning and advantages of the whole house customization

(I) the whole house design includes the main categories: the whole house design is best to start from the blank room, comprehensively consider the perfect cooperation of all links, and create a comfortable life in order to achieve the perfect residence in your heart. Are you still worried about choosing furniture and how to decorate your house? Are you still frustrated because the decoration and furniture product plan is far from the perfect design you want? Try to start with the whole house design, which will definitely surprise you! No matter how strange the requirements are, there are only things you can't think of, and nothing the whole house design can't do

(II) first, let's talk about the advantages of whole house Customization:

1 Combine living habits to design the whole house decoration

2 It helps to accurately grasp the overall style and meet the same customization requirements as customers

3 Cooperate with decoration, improve use functions and combine living habits

4 Meet all customized and personalized needs of customers

5 Reflect the taste of the owner

(III) the concept of whole house customization

whole house design is a reasonable design consideration for every link of the overall space; The whole house customization is a home customization solution integrating furniture design, customization, installation and other services, which effectively meets the various needs of customers

(IV) whole house customization is the exclusive furniture of consumers made by furniture enterprises on the basis of mass production and according to the design requirements of consumers, and it is aimed at hard decoration. The whole house customization also refers to the full customization of the whole house furniture with the user as the center. Starting from the design, the relationship between the furniture and interior decoration, decoration, etc. is fully coordinated, and the wooden part is produced in factory according to the design style, so as to achieve the consistency of style and the perfect combination of technology




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