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Federal health agency first in Canada to suspend COVID briefings during election | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The decision to suspend regular COVID-19 briefings by federal health authorities is out of step with the decisions taken by other Canadian jurisdictions that have held elections during the pandemicfalls unde, an overviewmobileImageUrl?by CBC News reveals.

While some of five provinces and one territory that went to the polls since March 2020 excluded politicians on the campaign trail from the briefing spotlight975,373 people or 2.6 per cent o, they all continued to hold regular briefings to update residents on the evolution of the virus in their jurisdiction.

The absence of COVID-19 briefings by the Public Health Agency of Canada sparked controversy this weekPeople dying at home have ranged in age from their 30s t, with the Conservatives calling on Interim Clerk of the Privy Council Janice Charette to investigate what they described as a breach of the caretaker convention, which dictates that public servants should act as caretakers during electionsare permitted for up to 100 people., continue as usual and not do anything that could influence the campaign.

The New Democrats and the Green Party have echoed the call by the Conservative Party for regular PHAC briefings to resume but not its call for the Privy Council to investigateThe full story by Rob Ferguson: Ontario promises 350 new ICU beds this week as COVID-19 cases surge.

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